Just when I thought I knew all about the North East music scene, Cattle & Cane come into my musical sky and shower me with acoustic flare and finesse.

The five piece folk band from Middlesbrough introduces me to their new single Skies. Taken from their soon to be released album Home in September, these guys have captured a great story and a catchy tune all in one go in their new single.

Cattle & Cane are made up of singers Joseph and Helen alongside brothers Fran and Vin and non family member Tom. Telling a lovely story about being lost and heartbroken, then you find your love and all is well in the world. As they sing in their chorus: Then you came into my skies, burning like a sunrise in my eyes, will you wake me, will you wake me up, come let’s make our great escape, you and I will break away, will you take me, will you take me, home. Such an upbeat song with a variety of guitars and a drum, no matter who you are it is a song that everyone can relate to.

I am loving their new video, set in a picturesque woodland area that seems to suit the genre of folk music rather well. You can’t miss a beat with their new video, as it is done in a stop motion picture that allows those who watch to see the whole music video, as they casually walk into the woods and play their instruments as if they do it every day.

Cattle & Cane are launching their new album off in September at Teesside University, Middlesbrough. Then touring the UK in October, starting the tour at Newcastle’s Head Of Steam on Friday 16th October.