So the curtain has drawn on the UK’s biggest festival for 2015, but it’s never too early the old discussion of “who will it be?” for next years affair. There’s a number of things to take into consideration when trying to work out next years acts, bookies odds? Upcoming albums? A long awaited booking? All of them have been taking into consideration in this list.

Also, a side note, there was obviously the case of Foo Fighters having to pull out of this years shindig, being replaced by Florence & The Machine. This has unsurprisingly lead to the initial headliners being dubbed favourites with most bookies. However, it may not be that straightforward, Emily Eavis stated earlier this year that the headline acts were “pretty much booked” Whether or not them pretty much bookings have been tweaked since Dave Grohl’s untimely leg break remains to be seen, but for the sake of the list, let’s leave them out. (Plus it gives us an extra spot to speculate).

1. Radiohead
The seemingly endless wait for that new Radiohead record / some sort of tour / just anything at all appears to finally be in some sort of motion. Drummer Philip Selway recently announced that work on the long awaited ninth album will become a full schedule in September after being in ‘fits and starts’ up until now. Probably regarded as one of the biggest bands on the planet in the last couple of decades, surely The Pyramid would seem a fitting stage to home the bands comeback. Bookies have them in at 16/1 to take one of the headline slots, and despite that being something of a common occurrence for the last god knows how many years, logically this could finally be the one where the appearance comes true. Hoorah.


2. Fleetwood Mac

Isle of Wight securing the booking of the legendary outfit was arguably the best booking of the Summer. A booking that Michael Eavis apparently was after for a long time, but in the end, as is so often the case, money spoke and they ended up elsewhere. However, after a performance that will go down as one of the most memorable in recent festival appearances, it would be no surprise if Eavis broke the bank to secure them this time round. Stevie Nicks and co are now up there with the favourites to headline, at 12/1 suggesting the bookies are on the same wavelength in thinking the festival could likely go after the one that got away.

3. The Cure
The goth icons put on a show that was nothing short of perfection when they headlined Reading & Leeds a few years back, but apart from that, the Bestival appearance in 2011 and a few one off London shows, their appearances have been extremely limited in recent years. They do have a new (sort of) record coming out soon though. ‘4:14 Scream’ a ‘follow up’ that was meant to be part of a double album released with ‘4:13 Dream’ back in 2008 but never was due to the record label refusing to release it as Robert Smith desired, something of a sour memory to him. However, there has been talks of the current Cure line up recording a new album from scratch and even talks of a 2016 world tour. It’s all in the very early stages and a little blurred right now, but it’s definitely not inconceivable the way things seem to be shaping up.

daft punk

4. Daft Punk

Obviously Glasto is known for pushing the boat out with headline acts, not wanting to stick purely to the standard band format for the top spots. Which means the French DJ duo would fit the mould of that different booking, not to mention the fact that just about every festival on the planet has been trying and failing to secure the booking. (minus Coachella which is in a league of it’s own in regards to the festival circuit). Like Radiohead, Daft Punk are another one of the acts that get rumoured year after year, surely it’s only a matter of time before they eventually make that much anticipated appearance at a UK festival. William Hill have them at the decent odds of 16/1 to snatch up one of the spots, and despite that being probably around the same every year, with the robots recently premièring their documentary in France, there could be much more to follow.


5. Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds

Noel joked about going along to the festival with his guitar this year, stating that he was free that weekend on a few occasions and that he’d do it if he was asked, so it seems all seems very keen on his side. Perhaps it was a bit too early in his solo career to be deemed a headline act of Glastonbury standards, but bill topping appearances at other festivals this year, including T in the Park could see him make that jump, especially after the success of his second solo album ‘Chasing Yesterday’. Optimists will still be hoping for the reunion of a small band he used to be in and bookies are actually tipping an Oasis appearance as a favourite at 12/1. However Noel has been quick to quell them rumours as is usually the case all year, meaning despite his High Flying Birds being 20/1, that seems a more likely option.

A full list of William Hill’s odds for the 2016 headliners can be found below.

3/1 Foo Fighters
10/1 Muse
12/1 Fleetwood Mac
12/1 Oasis
16/1 AC/DC
16/1 Bloc Party
16/1 Daft Punk
16/1 Radiohead
16/1 The Rolling Stones
16/1 The Stone Roses
20/1 Blur
20/1 Ed Sheeran
20/1 Green Day
20/1 Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds
25/1 Coldplay
25/1 Eminem
25/1 Kasabian
25/1 Prince
25/1 The Prodigy
33/1 Alice Cooper
33/1 Arctic Monkeys
33/1 Iron Maiden
33/1 John Legend
33/1 Kate Bush
33/1 Kings of Leon
33/1 REM
33/1 Snoop Dogg
33/1 The Killers
33/1 The Vaccines
33/1 U2
40/1 Mumford and Sons
40/1 The Beach Boys
40/1 The Happy Mondays
50/1 Pink Floyd
50/1 Red Hot Chili Peppers
50/1 Taylor Swift
66/1 Adele
66/1 Beyonce
66/1 David Bowie
66/1 Depeche Mode
66/1 Florence + the Machine
66/1 Led Zeppelin
66/1 Madonna
66/1 Pet Shop Boys
100/1 One Direction
100/1 Def Leppard
100/1 Dr Dre
100/1 Elton John
100/1 Human League
100/1 Kylie
100/1 LMFAO
100/1 Madness
100/1 Mariah Carey
100/1 Meghan Trainor
100/1 Nicki Minaj
100/1 Paul Simon
100/1 Pharrell Williams
100/1 Sam Smith
100/1 Simply Red
100/1 Spandau Ballet
100/1 UB40

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