“Piercing pop with rich, haunting vocals”: Home – Little May (Single Review)

Australian three piece act Little May are a band who already have a lot of light on them. Producing elegant, richly produced music that is highly atmospheric and evocative, Home is the set to be the lead out single of the upcoming debut album.

Supported by a crisply shot black and white video that is shot in New York and has evocative, occasionally fairly bleak images of the great city, it conjures up an image of elegant beauty, simplicity and, unless you are a New Yorker, homesickness.

The girls do feature somewhat in the video but it’s far from about them. They come across as attractive but far from being “featured” around their beauty, the video is about the song itself. Home is a simple, piercing pop song that speaks of isolation, travel and of course a yearning desire to go home.

The girls are accomplished musicians and the vocals are rich, haunting and effective. Little May have had airplay on the radio over here and it’s easy to imagine that their music will suit being featured in the mid season emotional finale of a TV show. Comparison’s to First Aid Kit seem out of place, they’ve less of the country feel and more like an all ­girl indie band with soul.

Little May continue to impress, the album will be the acid test.