Live Review: Funeral For A Friend – The Venue, Derby

FFAF- Friday, 5th June 2015 – Derby

Live Review: Funeral For a Friend – The Venue, Derby

First off, support band one are friends of a friend and from my local area, which made it so exciting to be there and support them whilst they supported big favourites Funeral For A Friend. If they hadn’t mentioned it, you wouldn’t know that Neverise were playing their first ever gig together as a band, and it was pretty clear that these guys had been putting in the hard work prior to making their live début. It might be worth noting FFAF are personally involved in their support band selection and that other bands to have supported Funeral for a Friend include Fightstar, Cancer Bats and two years ago (in Derby) Marmozets, so if this is anything to go by Neverise could well be in for a whirlwind couple of years.

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Up next are the other Welsh band on the bill Korsakoffs, and they came with a style that is impossible to pigeon hole both musically and visually. Each member of the band seems to have a different style, but when melded together it works. Front man Ben looks like he’s dressed for a university beach party, yet when the music hit he screams the lyrics with a deafening impact, they certainly offer a different taste to the other bands playing.

Funeral For a Friend are monumental in UK Rock, they are real progressors of the post-hardcore genre, and they have been a massive influence on my life personally and seemingly many other peeps’ likewise.

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The Venue was sold out. A real hardcore show- no barriers, loud raw tunes and pure sweaty madness, it was an amazing intimate setting to see these legends in. With a small amount of natural off the cuff banter Matt kept the night flowing smoothly with a couple of whispers into the crowd control guys’ ears requesting that they chill out a bit “they’re only dancing man”. They blasted our earholes with more old tunes than new and that was greatly appreciated by the crowd. All, apparently like myself, long standing fans. We sang along to every word, at the top of our lungs- yeh my thoat will be raw for the next week (or two) but fuck… we had a right old good time. I’ve never seen FFAF perform better, I think they enjoyed themselves up there, and they definitely appreciated the love from the crowd, which was rife. Truly goose-bump inducing. Funeral For A Friend are still epic, 15 years on.

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