Making their Donington debut in 2013, metal ‘super-group’ Krokodil were back on the hallowed turf for Download 2015 so we persuaded members Simon Wright and Chris Binns to come over to the darkside of the press tent to chat new album ‘Nachash’, touring and the “official” partyline on Alessandro Venturella.

As a band you’ve obviously come together from various other bands, how does that dynamic work? Do you have set time that is  “Krokodil time”?

Chris: I think at the moment we’re only really practising before we’ve got a gig aren’t we?!

Si: Yeah, we rehearse before shows.

Chris: Because me and Si are from the North, so we’ve go to drive down three hours.

Si: From the NORTH!

From the other side of the Wall?

Si: Other side of the wall exactly- we’re the Wildlings and they’re all Westeros or whatever it is. But obviously when it started everyone had busy schedules, so all the ideas were sent back and forth over the internet, that’s the great thing about the power of the internet I guess. The next album though, will be written more involvedly, in a room together.

So you’ll just book a month off from everything else?

Si: Yeah, a solid block and we’ll just smash through it.

So the current album, was that recorded separately?

Si: So Dan Forde recorded the drums on his own. People would drop into the studio and hang out and stuff. The guitars again people were dropping in and out together, and then the vocals were done last, but there was quite a lot of involvement in the vocals from others which was cool. So it was done in bits: and together, it was a bit of a mish-mash really.

Are you happy with how the album came out and how it’s been received?

Si: Yeah the album to be fair, is one of my proudest accomplishments. The way that the process was done, it was always going to be like “is that what people are going to be expecting?” Because each member is from quite different backgrounds, so people had an idea in their head of what it would sound like, but then it came out completely different, but in a good way. But yeah, the reaction to it has been fucking ace.

Simon Wright - Krokodil - Kimberley Bayliss

It’s interesting to me that despite how big you are separately, Krokodil seems to have stayed quite underground.

Chris: People like to tag Krokodil as a super-group, but that is by no means how we look at the band. We approach it in the same way that any other band does.

Is the aim to keep Krokodil as something to do for fun?

Si: The bottom line is this- people will either accept it or push it away. We never expected it to be like “Lags is in Gallows, and James is in Sikth” and that people were going to give a shit. We always knew that we wanted this to ride on it’s own, we didn’t want it to be riding on the back of other things. You’ve got to remember that this band has actually only been going for two years. In this day and age, it takes a long time to build up a profile for a band. We were lucky that we got thrown in at the deep end, but again that doesn’t mean that everyone is going to take to us. I think we are still finding our feet, but people are catching on and the audience is growing and growing now.

You made your first appearance as a band here, how was it to be back playing Download again?

Si: Amazing! This is my favourite time of the year now, getting to play in a field to a load of people that are on exactly the same page as you are. They love metal and to party.

Chris: That’s the thing, you might play with another band, as a support slot and those people might be just there to see that band. But at a festival, you know people are turning up because they want to see you, and the amount of people we had today! It was amazing.

I caught most of it, and for an early slot especially, it was pretty busy.

Si: It was mental! We know that two years ago there was a bit of a hype about it, people were talking “have you heard about this band, it’s their first show; it’s members are from this, this and this.” So this was the turning point, this show- because had it been loads of people not turning up it wouldn’t have been a reflection of the last show we played here. So the fact it was packed, people were singing the songs, we must be doing something right!

Chris Binns - Krokodil - Kimberley Bayliss

Are you sticking around for the rest of the day? Planning to catch many other bands? Talking to Lags at Slam Dunk, he said he was going home tonight just because he couldn’t afford it.

Si: Lags will end up sticking around! The suns out so that’s a start.

Chris: I want to see Carcass.

Si: Ain’t that tomorrow?

Chris: Yeah, but I’m staying around all weekend.

Si: We missed At The Gates unfortunately because we were setting up. Corrosion Conformity amazing, and obliviously Slipknot because who doesn’t like Slipknot one of the greatest bands in the world. I went to see them in Manchester, and it blows you away every time.

What’s the official word on that, because your bassist was your bassist, but is now rumoured to be their bassist (Slipknot’s)….

Si: So there was a dude in our band, he left our band and he’s in another band now.

Has he definitely left, because your Facebook page isn’t exactly full of information and neither is Wikipedia.

Si: Things have been spoken about, I think everyone knows the score. What’s amazing is that people get offered opportunities, and how the fuck can you not take the opportunity. If any one of us had been offered an opportunity like people get offered opportunities, we’d have taken it.

Chris: It’s like I got offered the opportunity to go on tour with Krokodil for Mastodon.

Si: Exactly, as one door closes another one opens for someone else, so it’s all good.

So what’s the future looking like for you guys? You’ve spoken about another album, are there plans for more touring?

Si: Because we’re still building the profile of the band, we didn’t want to be to cocky and go “let’s just go out now and do a headline tour” because people still need to connect with it. It was great doing the Mastodon tour, because not only do that band fucking rule, but they’ve got an amazing crowd support. Lets face it, Mastodon haven’t been afraid to be one of those bands to throw out a curve ball and do something different, and their fans have stayed loyal. So to play to them, and have them buzzing off what we were doing was fucking ace.

Simon Wright - Krokodil - Kimberley Bayliss

Speed Round

What would you like to be remembered for?

Si: Just people not thinking I was a complete dickhead.

What did you have for breakfast?

Si: This morning I had a McDonalds McMuffin.

Chris: I had a green fruit pastille, I was waiting for catering.

What was the last song that really made you stop and listen?

Si: I would say recently the latest Refused track, I heard that and I was like- that band was fucking ace before they split up and now they’ve reformed !

Star Trek or Star Wars?

Chris: Star Wars.

Si: Star Wars.

Dream dinner guest (dead or alive)?

Chris: That’s a tough one, too hard to answer.

If you could only play one venue for the rest of your career, which would it be?

Si: I would probably say Brixton Academy, because that would be amazing or Donington obviously.

Krokodil will possibly be on tour at some point in the future, if so make sure you check them out, and in the mean time check out their début album ‘Nachash’ which is out via Spinefarm Records now.

Chris Binns - Krokodil - Kimberley Bayliss