The Main Stage at Download Festival slot, is something that most bands in the music industry can only dream of, so in light of that we decided to get a precious five minutes with Brock Lindow and Mick Whitney of 36 Crazyfists, following their set at this year’s Download on that historic Main stage.

Fairly early set this morning, for saying what time it was there seem to be a lot of folks out there.

Brock: Yeah, by the time the set was over man it was full. Which was great! We peaked out heads out when we were sound checking, and it was looking a little thin but the faithful showed up and we had a great time.

Main stage Download, no matter what time you play must be pretty humbling.

Mick: It’s an honour brother.

Brock: No doubt, honoured.

New album came out earlier this year, happy with how that turned out and how it’s been received?

Brock: Yeah man it’s been great, our first album with Spinefarm and they’ve been great to us, probably our greatest career resurgence.

Because looking at it, commercially it looks to have done quite well.

Brock: It charted the best.

How was it working with Spinefarm, because even though they are part of the Universal Group the bands that they sign, there seems to be a very independent metal feel to things. Are you free to just go do what you want?

Brock: Absolutely, we wouldn’t have gone there if we couldn’t have same old, same old which is our control. They’ve been great, really happy with them, they are just genuine people who really dig their bands. They aren’t just signing tonnes of band because they need to, they’ve signed band they really get behind and I’ve really felt it. We’ve been living out of a suitcase over the years, been a few different places, and nothing against those other places but you can feel there is a little bit more of a belief system within them which passes into the band, and I wasn’t expecting it that much.

You’ve got enough independence where you feel free, but at the same time your still being pushed.

Brock: They believe in what we do, and that’s why we went there.

Back on the road US over the summer, and plans to come over here and tour the album?

Brock: We started the album cycle here, but we’ll be back either at the end of the year or early next year.

In terms of bands playing today, is there anyone you are going to go and watch once you’ve done all your press?

Brock: Some Lamb of God, In Flames, Motley Crue

Mick: Maybe some Suicidal Tenancies.

Brock: I wouldn’t mind seeing Billy Idol.

Mick: And Slash too.

Brock: Mile Kennedy man, he’s bad ass.

Main Stage

Speed Round

What would you like to be remembered for?

Mick: Kindness.

Brock: Genuine, cool, trust-worthy people.

Mick: Amen to that!

What did you have for breakfast?

Mick: Traditional English breakfast.

Brock: Yes we did!

What was the last song that really made you stop and listen?

Mick: Mos Generator ‘Neon Nightmare’.

Brock: ‘Shall We Go On’, the White Buffalo.

Star Trek or Star Wars?

Brock: Star Wars.

Mick: Both.

Brock: I knew you were going to say that.

Dream dinner guest (dead or alive)?

Brock: I’m going to say Layne Staley

Mick: Jimi Hendrix.

If you could only play one venue for the rest of you career which would it be?

Brock: The Thekla in Bristol.

Mick: Chilkoot Charlie’s.

You can check out 36 Crazyfists new album ‘Time and Truma’ which is out now on Spinefarm Records, and available through iTunes and places like that.

Photos – Richard Johnson (Download 2015)