Ryan Hamilton, vocalist of People On Vacation, has had a lot on his plate lately as the release date for his début solo album looms near. The multi-talented musician & artist allocated some of his valuable time to answer a few of our burning questions about both his solo career, and work with POV pal Jaret Reddick (Bowling For Soup.)

Hey Ryan thanks for taking the time to chat with us? How’s it all going?

Going really great! Better than ever actually. Thanks for asking.

Where are you based now?

I recently moved from the big city of Dallas, and bought some land just outside of Azle, TX. It’s in the middle of nowhere… in the BEST way.

With both you and Reddick having separate projects to work on as well as POV, do you find it difficult funnelling the right amount of time and creativity into them all?

There’s definitely a lot of communication that has to happen for everything to operate smoothly. So far, that’s been the trickiest part. Communication and scheduling. The creative part is a blast, and seems to happen fairly easily.

How did you find the Pledge Music experience? Would you do it again? You’ve mentioned before that you lucked out with the name of the album.

I LOVE IT! I would absolutely do it again. Absolutely, without a doubt, the most rewarding experience I’ve ever had making an album.

How much fun did you have making the video for You May Not Believe In God?

Haha. We had ALL the fun….. ALL 😉

The new POV single/videos coming our way, can you tell us more about them?

The new single/video is for DON’T ASK THE QUESTION. The video turned out like a mini indie film. Very cinematic, and I love it. The song is also one of my favorites from the album. You can really tell Jaret 100% means the angsty lyrics. Also… Is “angsty” a word? I don’t think it is. Haha.

What are your favourite tracks to play live? Which tend to get the best reaction?

You May Not Believe In God … and You May Not Believe In God. Haha.

Craziest crowd you’ve experienced?

Manchester. Always Manchester.

What goes through your mind when you’re on stage?

Honestly, and as cheesy as this sounds, this is what always goes through my mind: “I’m so lucky. This is the best thing ever!”.

Your solo album comes out this August and you’re offering Cassette Tapes with original art, what made you decide to go old school?

I like to do fun, different things. Plus, I’m doing everything on my own for this solo album. So I REALLY enjoy the freedom of having a cool idea and being able to just go for it.

Based on that and the video for Karaoke With No Crowd, I get the impression there’s a certain vibe you’re aiming for with Hell of a Day.

Absolutely! Thanks for noticing. I want people to ENJOY listening to my album. I want it to make people reflect… and then ultimately, smile. I’ve written enough sad songs.

Will you be coming to the UK for a solo tour?

I will indeed. September. Doing a really fun, unique HOUSE PARTY TOUR. shows are selling out quick! But there are still a few tickets left to a couple of the shows. Couldn’t be happier with the response, and I’m really looking forward to playing the new songs live.

Finally… If you had a pet Armadillo, what would you name it?

This, perhaps, may be the greatest question of all time! Haha. I love it! Ok, hmmmm….. I would name it: Road Kill (because you always see those things dead on the side of the road in Texas… and I think it’d be pretty fuckin rock n roll to have a pet Armadillo named “Road Kill”!!!)

Thanks for your time!

My pleasure.

Catch the [Adorable] video for Karaoke With No Crowd here.

By Jessica Flynn

Jessica is a twitter nut who hails from the [not so] sunny south east of Ireland. She's known by many names...@roflcopterftw being one of them.