Warning: Contains Spoilers

I must point out that I have never read the Game of Thrones books, I have just been glued to the television show ever since it started and there are two things I have learnt. The first is that a season finale never ends me with me thinking I may bin of the next season and the second is that no one is safe. This episode and finale certainly lived up to both of those.

It started so well, in my head I was thinking that a more suitable title for this episode would probably be ‘Comeuppance and Closure’ that was until we got to the end. The episode moved in a very fast pace and checked in on every character. Stannis Baratheon was dealt with very quickly, I think this was because the way in which he died and how his army fell made me feel kind of sorry for him, but as this was at the beginning of the episode you don’t forget the last episode and the fact that he burned his daughter alive. This meant that my feelings of pity soon vanished.

I particularly like Reek sticking up for Sansa and giving her the help she needed to get away from Ramsay, I hope that this leads to some sort of redemption for Reek but being Game of Thrones I highly doubt it. One thing I don’t doubt though is that it is going to mark the way for a great storyline in the next season. Another highlight for me was Arya Stark getting her form of closure before it all went a bit strange. It was brilliantly shocking and a perfect way to get revenge. I was also happy that all was well with Daenerys before the encircling of the horses. It does seem that all his well one minute and you feel like punching the air in triumph and then the next minute you feel down beaten and annoyed as it looks like there isn’t a happy ending.

No more so is this obvious in the case of Jon Snow, I suppose I should know better. He was visited twice in one episode so it was inevitable that the ending was going to involve him and be the worst possible outcome the viewer could want.

As a viewer I do have to be a little bit happy as we were given some closure of our own in the form of Cersei being publicly shamed. I did feel a little as this was an excuse to bring some nakedness to the episode as it was missing and a chance for some swear words to be thrown around, but considering how much she is hated and what she has done in the past, I was happy that she finally got some bad luck.

The shaming of Cersei also introduced a new intriguing character, the hand of the king. He looks as menacing as Cersei is vindictive and that is going to be a very powerful and dramatic story line indeed. A finale with four main character deaths, a quick battle, sad goodbyes and questions raised is never going to disappoint. It’s a shame I did cry at the end but more than anything I have come away eager. Eager to watch the next series so that I can experience all the emotions again. Once again this has been a brilliantly filmed, brilliantly acted piece of television.