David Guetta has become the third musician in history to reach two billion streams on Spotify.

Guetta, the most-followed artist on Spotify with 6.8 million followers, said that the milestone was “mind blowing”.

“I want to thank you so much for helping me reach this incredible milestone” he said.

“Two billion streams on Spotify! Wow, mind blowing!”

The news follows Eminem and Ed Sheeran into the history books, the only two other artists to reach over two million streams on the streaming service.

Bart Cools, EVP Global Marketing and A&R Dance Music at Warner Music Group, said:

“It is amazing to see David add his name to the very select “2 billion streams” club. He is the first DJ to reach this milestone which is an amazing achievement but looking at how dance is exploding at the moment as a genre, I hope he will be followed by others very soon.”

As a thank you to his fans, David Guetta has released an exclusive remix on Spotify by up and coming Dutch DJ/producer Boaz Van De Beats of his current single “Hey Mama”. Listen to it here.

By Sarah Moore

Sarah Moore is a VH Music Writer (formerly Music Editor), live events marketing bod and an advocate for the physical format. When she's not lovingly writing for the music section at Vulture Hound, she will most likely be found shouting at her disobedient cat or going to gigs in and around the Midlands.