If you don’t like Queen’s legendary Bohemian Rhapsody even a little bit… well, then you’re wrong. Sorry.

BUT,  after Kanye West controversially covered this song during his headlining set at Glastonbury Festival this year (which he shamefully forgot the words to), alt-rock band Panic! At The Disco retaliated by posting a link to their cover of the very same.

In their own words, the boys hilariously reacted with:

“imma let you finish kanye, but panic had the best cover of the bohemian rhapsody of the year”

Hats off to you, gentlemen. It is spectacular. Eat that, Kanye. Happy Monday all, and enjoy your Cover of the Day which can be viewed below.

By Sarah Moore

Sarah Moore is a VH Music Writer (formerly Music Editor), live events marketing bod and an advocate for the physical format. When she's not lovingly writing for the music section at Vulture Hound, she will most likely be found shouting at her disobedient cat or going to gigs in and around the Midlands.