After a long and very much anticipated wait from the 2013 release of their album ‘Vessel’ – that also skyrocketed their career, Twenty One Pilots returned this May with their new album ‘Blurryface’. After releasing the first single from the album, ‘Fairly Local’ earlier this year, fans around the world were unsure what to expect from the two members, Tyler Joseph and Joshua Dun, as the sound – although they have many, didn’t sound like something that you would expect them to release.

Despite the unfamiliar sound causing a wary and negative expectation for a percentage of fans for the album, the band managed to quickly change the opinions by leaking the album two days early (on the same release date as the first single) and blaming it on a fictional character made up by the two members. The fictional character, known as ‘Blurryface’, was said by Tyler in an exclusive online interview with MTV to “represent all the things that I as an individual, but also everyone around is insecure about.” It is this character that the album was named after.

You can hear ‘Blurryface’ being mentioned in a majority of the songs on the record and can often be heard within tracks with a deep voice. Songs such as ‘Fairly Local’, ‘Stressed Out’ and ‘Goner’ have a strong messages concerning ‘Blurryface’ within them. Twenty One Pilots’ music is known for having strong and very personal messages within the lyrics and this element to their music definitely wasn’t left out in the new album. You could argue that the strength and personality within the lyrics of their songs is what makes Twenty One Pilots so unique. That said, the very quick tempo changes during songs have been heard since their very first album, ‘twenty | one | pilots’ which was released in 2009. It seems to be that the collection of different tempos and sounds as a whole, is where this twosome found their sound.

‘Blurryface’ is edgy pop with a deeper meaning than your average pop album. There is at least one track on the record, whether it be the calm and mellow sounds of the piano backing throughout ‘Goner’ or the quick rapping during ‘Lane Boy’ that everybody can relate to. This is an album that I would definitely recommend that it was listened to in whole to really understand the entire feel of both the band and the record. Twenty One Pilots have brought a fresh and unique sound to the table with their music and I think that as the band grows and develops even further during the rest of the year and into 2016, we can expect a lot more from the pair.

Twenty One Pilots will be coming to the UK this November on their ‘Blurryface’ tour.