Picture the scene: the year is 1989, you’re spinning out some impressive moves at the disco with your pals and you’ve just spotted what quite possibly may be the love of your life. And, by chance, what does the DJ put on next? Why, the latest single from I Am Harlequin, Dance With Anyone, of course!

All clichés aside, Dance With Anyone is a true exemplar of the feel-good, disco-infused pop I Am Harlequin (aka East London-based singer/songwriter/ producer Anne Freier) has been refining over the past few years. With an energetic bassline, funky guitar licks and subtle floating synths, the single combines everything you’d expect and even includes the ultimate joyous key change to really reinforce the uplifting-vibe of the song.

Inspired by the likes of Michael Jackson, Rickie Lee Jones and Kate Bush, Anne’s confident vocals provide an infectious melodic line that floats above the groove of the rhythm section, using it as a solid foundation to create a more improvised, relaxed-feel. It’s the juxtaposition of these elements that gives the song an entirely human-like quality, with lyrics such as “We’ve been talking ‘bout the weather” enhancing and emphasising this sense of familiarity and allowing us humble listeners to relate lyrically and emotively. In essence, Anne avoids excessively fabricated story lines and delivers a truly honest and sincere tale of desire; it’s real, and that’s what makes it stand out.

Set for digital release on 26th June 2015 via Stop Being Cute Records, Dance With Anyone is the kind of groove you want immersed within your ‘Sound of Summer’ playlist, sandwiched between Blood Orange and Scritti Politti. It’s fun, fresh, energetic and intricate all the same; what more could you want?