There are many David vs. Goliath fables in literature that define our ability as human beings to stand up and face the odds no matter the brutal reality that lies in its wake. These stories exist because at some point in time on earth it happened and the history of those accounts were taken and immortalised in fiction for the future generations of our species to learn from. If we remove the biblical sentiment, particularly from the above mentioned story, we are left with our reality, our generation with real people and the importance of a democracy and the need, in the truest sense, of that ideal. We Are Many reminds us that as conscientious citizens of the world we have blood on our hands and in 2015 that blood is still lacquered thick and wet; the wounds we’ve afflicted as a nation and as a species still haemorrhage and are far from healing.

February 15th 2003. 789 cities across 72 countries. The first of a kind historically documented global demonstration that protested against the war in Iraq. A unified voice saying no – people of different ethnicity, backgrounds, religions banded together yet despite this magnanimous achievement; Goliath won and people just like you and me were killed in their thousands in unjust warfare. And with the same lies, fear and seductive political salesmanship, a rinse and repeat scenario was on the table (Syrian Invasion) – only this time; again in unison, the people were heard – the beginnings of a real democratic voice was obeyed and that proverbial light at the end of the tunnel becomes real.


The message of this documentary is of a paramount importance, especially in a time when our Governments are not adhering to the needs of its people (no matter the nationality.) If you have a working mind and care, even with some small iota, what happens to your world/country/city/town – then this is a message that cannot go unheard and We are Many is a documentary that cannot go unseen. Tyranny has and always will hide away in every faucet of existence – it creeps around our day to day lives, insidiously, or charges you full on – sexuality, employment, gender, class, race, any and all social/national injustices – we’re bombarded with it on practically every social media outlet, of which are riddled with biases, ambiguity and miscommunication.

As individual’s what can we do? We feel powerless and lost, I’m sure I’m not the only one that’s been there – it’s easy to let apathy erode any moral passion, accept that this is the world you live in and there’s nothing you can do about it – then simply vote for who you want to win on this seasons X-Factor and distract yourself with television series and divulge your attention in the pointless, Z-Lister celebrity culture.

Educate yourself. You can start with this documentary and remember the past. Find out exactly what it is you stand for and “Rise like Lions after slumber in unvanquishable numbers…” as the perfectly crafted words of a poet once wrote.


Dir: Amir Amirani

Scr: Amir Amirani

Featuring: Susan Sarandon, Mark Rylance, Danny Glover, Brian Eno, Noam Chomsky, Richard Branson

Prd: Amir Amirani, Amanda Hickey, Immy Humes, Jens Eilstrup Rasmussen

DOP: Amir Amirani, Chris Morphet

Music: Alex Baranowski, Simon Rusell

Country: UK

Year: 2014

Run time: 110 mins

We Are Many is showing in cinemas now.