The new video for Francesca Belmonte’s single Are You has been released ahead of her debut album Anima, due out on June 1st. Belmonte has collaborated with Tricky, who claims she is the best person he’s ever collaborated with, for years now and is signed to his own record label False Idols.

Beautiful Are You blends luscious layers of smooth synth strings over a hip-hop beat to support the softness of Belmont’s gentle vocals. The song is about internal struggle and the need for human compassion in this strange world.

The video is a haunting piece of modern art, providing similar imagery to that of American Horror Story’s Coven to accompany the enigmatic music. Crystal masks, snakes and crows kaleidoscope in front of our eyes evocatively, showing originality which may lead to comparisons with FKA Twigs.

Watch the video for Francesca Belmont’s Are You below: