Leopard Print leggings, the smell of hairspray and the distinct feeling of the 80’s, it was quite obvious Steel Panther were back in town.

As I strolled into the Civic Hall I was greeted with a very unique sight and sound as The Lounge Kittens took to the stage. This trio of women known as The Lounge Kittens, gave off a very ‘Richard Cheese’-esc vibe, with the tiger striped dresses and lounge/jazz covers of rock songs, including Prodigy’s ‘Smack My Bitch Up’, Slipknots ‘Duality’ and even Steel Panthers ‘Gloryhole’. With a flurry of festivals under their belt and this tour now, these minxes are having their milk and loving it.


Following up was the almighty Skindred. With the memories of Star Wars and Darth Vader flooding into my mind as Benji strolled onto the stage to the ‘Imperial March’ and the crowd went wild instantly. ‘Kill The Power’ was booted up and the room suddenly exploded with energy as the band blasted through their set. With fantastic crowd interaction and the infamous Newport Helicopter being initiated, where the crowd are encouraged to take off their tops and whirl it above them.


With the crowd thoroughly riled up and full of anticipation, Steel Panther took to the stage behind a giant black curtain. As it fell to the opening riff of ‘Pussywhipped’ it became apparent who the crowd were there for. As the band paused between songs Satchel took the chance to talk to the room, explaining he was ill and didn’t attend the meet and greet earlier due to the illness. This of course triggered the jokes from Michael Starr about Satchels previous night of drinking and drug taking and the usual on stage banter of STDs and insults began.


As the set rolled on, as did the jokes, with dicks, tits and rock and roll being the main subjects, not just through the band, but also on the big screen behind them. But they aren’t only known as great for the comedy, the music was incredibly tight throughout the evening with amazing guitar work and catchy and well known vocals. As the show continued girls were invited on stage, triggering the torrent of selfies on stage and a huge amount of ‘dancing’.


After Stix (the drummer) came down for a spell on his grand piano, the evening was showing its toll on Satchel. He could have easily chosen to leave the stage, but he soldiered on and continued the night on a chair. As the night ended, the Panther ended with ‘Death To All But Metal’, the anthem of many of their fans. It was a fantastic evening with filthy jokes, songs and band members, but in the way that will make you coming back for more every time.