Purity Ring, Anson Rooms Bristol 3rd May 2015.

The show commenced with a short set from EDM influenced act Born Gold who played a compelling set throughly enjoyed by the crowd who were either crowded around the stage or bar getting a few drinks in to begin the night. After a lengthy set up, it was time for Purity Ring to take the stage. As soon as the band consisting of Megan James and Corin Roddick it is easy to see that the band are heavily invested in their aesthetic that complements their celestial and dreamy melodies that resonate throughout the venue. The band enter the venue to the sounds of Stranger Than The Earthoff their latest album Another Eternity. Their stage set up was nothing short of impressive with hundreds of lights dangling from the ceiling. Roddicks synth set up consisted of diamond lantern triggers that were placed upon a podium in front of a moon that added to the dreamlike atmosphere that that prevalent throughout the venue. Each diamond style trigger lit up every time it was hit by Roddick adding to the visual appeal of their set. Jamesoutfit too fits in with the atmosphere of the night. She dons a 1950s style outfit that intergalactic vibe to it. It is probably a piece she created herself as she usually creates her own stage outfits.

It was bit of a shame that the large venue was not entirely packed out for the night considering that the bands new album was considerably well written and received with tracks achieving mass radio play. Thus, receiving more attention than their previous album Shrines. Nevertheless, the crowd was as energetic as ever and throughly enjoyed their prominent tracks such as Push Pulland Heartsigh. James throughout the set has no problem signing in the lullaby and cutesy manner that she is well known for whilst running all over the stage weaving playfully throughout the lights and dancing along to the melodies. It certainly looked like something you would of seen straight out of a fairy tale. The band do not struggle to sound sonically pleasing throughout the nightin fact, they sound as impressive or even better than they do recorded. This is stunning, especially due to the fact that most electro-pop outfits often struggle to even achieve near perfection in their sound outside the confines of the studio. Although it was obvious that the band naturally were to focus a large chunk of their set on newly released material, the band did manage to squeeze in a few fan favourites from their previous body of work. The crowd gladly welcomed haunting tracks such as Obedear, the angelic sounds of Lofticriesand Belispeaks. However, it was not until their oldie Fineshrinesin which the crowd had belted the loudest of all their set. It was almost as if the song was their closing track.

After a solid set, the band ended by announcing that they do not play encores and end with one of their biggest tracks off their new release Begin Againthat had the crowd wishing that they did do encores. All in all, the band do not fail to create an image surrounding them and uphold this through their musical and visual stylizations that transcends through the venue that leaves the audience spellbound.