Fearless Vampire Killers have some of the most hardcore fans ever to be witnessed. The word “dedicated” simply doesn’t cut it. They live and breathe FVK, these guys took this band into their lives and will gobble up any slice of Fearless goodness they can get their hands on! The noise that filled the Rock City Basement in the build up to the guys hitting the stage was nothing less than traumatic !


But first on stage where Myth City, who have been opening the whole of the Unbreakable Hearts tour for FVK. Back stage chatter on these boys was that they were ones to watch, which is always a fantastic recommendation coming from your peers and fellow musicians (and yes, that was a gushing reference to being backstage with the other bands, interview with FVK to follow). Myth City front-man Maz creates a sound that at times sound ‘rappy’ and at times sounds more screamo. The lads have certainly come out on this tour with a point to prove, and in doing so are bound to gain new fans whilst bringing their music to the masses, job well done.


Up next onto the stage were Zoax, now where do I start with Zoax? In all honesty, I think I made my Zoax opinions clear in my Hit The Deck review a few weeks back, and to be honest they were the main reason for even attending this show. On stage Zoax are hypnotic! Front-man Adam instantly had the crowd eating out of the palm of his hand, (fuck being amazingly talented as a vocalist, he could be a comedian, he had me tittering all night- a lovely surprise at a rock gig) and if the majority of the crowd had no idea who Zoax were going into the show, you would not have known it. From dancing in the crowd, to taking peoples hats off and prancing around in them, Adam and Zoax blew the roof off. The moment of the night for me was the acoustic break mid-set, which had me tingling from head to toe, full on acoustic, mics down, just Adam and his acoustic guitar. Epic.


I could sit and hype Zoax all day, but eventually people would probably stop listening, so this is going to be my closing statement – Zoax are one of the best emerging bands in the UK at present, and if you have any smarts at all you will go and listen to their music, and then get yourselves down to one of their shows, because trust me Zoax will be huge and if you don’t watch out you’ll end up watching them from the nose bleed section of the O2 Arena.


It’s difficult to review a band, without making reference to those bands that have come before and although FVK are reminiscent of the likes of My Chemical Romance and Aiden, they are unique and original. This band have a sound and a look all of their own, and not in a ‘we want to be weird’ kind of way, it feels natural and authentic. Fearless Vampire Killers have created a world, a world that their fans can completely immerse themselves in and the culmination of this is a live FVK show. Their music is of such that you can really lose yourself, the perfect escapism. Many of the crowd had admitted on social media that it was their first show, and if this was the case then those fans were treated to a heck of a show and have certainly had a very high standard set. If FVK don’t happen to be your cup of tea, you can’t deny their talent and dedication to their fans, and that is something that should be highly commended.

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