Outside Rock City wallet key chains and three quarter length denim shorts are the flavour of the day, and we are about to party like it’s 2001 because Alien Ant Farm, POD and Hoobastank are in town. Arguably the most nostalgic tour of the year, the three bands have come together for a triple headline tour in order to bring their biggest and best tracks to UK audiences.

First to the stage were Alien Ant Farm, arguably in our eyes the biggest band on the bill yet playing first tonight. For saying non of the bands including AAF have had a real hit in the last ten year, the crowd didn’t seem to give a care in the world, these fans were here to role back the years and when AAF’s hit track ‘Movies’ and ‘Smooth Criminal’ hit the crowd and atmosphere was electric. That isn’t to say AAF didn’t keep the crowd interested through the set, they played everything very professional and the crowd were in for the whole set.


POD came to the stage, under slighty auspicious circumstances (seemingly late, and slightly annoyed). That didn’t stop them from commanding the room with their brand of Christian metal. Again with the stigma of having one hit song to the outsiders in the room, the crowd again pissed all over this assumption throwing everything into sing-a-longs with front man Sonny, especially ‘Boom’ which had Sonny one the barrier and practically in the crowd.


The joy of this tour, is that none of these bands are the same, obviously knowing each other from various tours along the years the idea to pool fans onto one massive tour such as this, is by no means novel but makes sense. When tonight’s final band Hoobastank hit the stage, a small few of the crowd who were only there for the heavier riffs of POD have filtered out, leaving the remainder of the crowd to enjoy Hoobastank’s more laid back alternative rock. If there was one reason that non fans would have stuck around, it was for the epic sing-a-long that was sure to ensue as soon as the first cords of ‘The Reason’ hit.


Yeah, perhaps you didn’t go in knowing many of each bands songs but it didn’t matter, because each band went into their sets with the one goal of making the night just a huge fucking party! Well played guys, well played!


By Kimberley Bayliss

Kimberley is Vulture Hound's Live Editor and a Photographer.