What’s your opinion on concept albums? Okay, how about taking that idea and multiplying it by three? Liking it? Well, buckle up because Essex quartet InMe have a busy schedule in the studio coming up after the release of The Trilogy: Dawn on May 4th.

Those that are familiar with Green Day’s Uno, Dos, Tre trilogy will be aware that it can be the recipe for disaster, but clearly the UK know how to do it better. As concept albums go, this is one of the safest out there. There’s no major stray from their usual style in favour of a narrative. Familiar melody and vocals that taunt breaking into something heavier are laced into the music.

In fact, it’s so familiar that some songs are difficult to differentiate. InMe have a habit of sticking firmly to the principle of ‘it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’. Door Slam Crescendo and Children of Exile could well be the same song.

Ivory Elder, the lead single from the Fellowship of the Ring of their releases, is one of the standouts, so somebody is to be congratulated for their choice. Most of the tracks are calm (as calm as they get, anyway) but Ivory Elder adopts a heavier approach. Though, the word ‘heavier’ doesn’t particularly mean heavy, either. InMe settle comfortably in the middle of music.

Aquarium is less of an album closer, more the end of an act. For it to have been more effective, keeping the steady pace it began with would have been a better choice than the switches between pace they favoured. Not to say it’s a bad song, or that it cannot close everything, it’s that if the trilogy is a concept, each album is essentially a scene of something that can be consumed in one sitting.

Such is the nature of their style and the slight pause often being the only signal a song has finished, there are no significant weak points within the album. While this is a victory for the band, it does prevent anything being so amazing it deserves to be the song that defines them.

If parts two and three follow the standard set, the band will have done themselves proud. A disaster averted and a crowd pleased. Fans worried about dragging out the cliché “I prefer the old InMe” don’t have anything to worry about any time soon. Someone in the industry has to be consistent.