In time for Summer (beginning June 21st, in case you’re interested), LA band Dawes will be releasing their new album All Your Favourite Bands.

Unless you only have one favourite band, and it happens to be them, the title is a little misleading, but try to cast semantics aside.

As is traditional when trying to actually sell copies, there are songs ready for you to hit play already. Right on Time and Things Happen have been selected to drum up popularity.

Both songs sound as if they accidentally found themselves in the wrong decade, their relaxed tones a contradiction to the static noise battling in the airwaves. Dawes can easily turn their collective hand to the soundtrack for a lazy day.

If you want the soundtrack to be a little more intimate, Dawes will be on tour. However, only three of the dates venture to the British isles:

05/09/15 – Birmingham, Moseley Folk Festival
06/09/15 – North Dorset, End of the Road Festival
08/09/15 – London, Shepherds Bush Empire

You can listen to Dawes below: