Bates Motel Season 3

In an ominously titled episode, diggers turn up to make a start on that pool Norma blackmailed out of Bob Paris. But it’s not going to be sun loungers and drinks with little umbrellas in them. They’ve dug a pit 23 feet deep, a little excessive for a swimming pool.

Meanwhile, Bob and his goons have kidnapped poor James (seriously, guys, never get into bed with Norma), and torture him for personal information about her, anything to turn the tables.

Dylan turns up for his job, doing the gun run for Chick, but Caleb shows up to stop him. But Dylan’s desperate to save Emma, so he refuses to back down. Left with little choice, Caleb insists on going along too, but not before warning Chick that, if anything happens to Dylan, he’ll be back to kill him.

In another act of fondness, Romero gets Norma’s beloved car back from the dealership for her. She’s so giddy with happiness, she quickly forgets about the hole in front of her motel. But Romero’s suspicious and heads off to warn Paris to back off. But Bob tells him everything he’s found out about Norma—seems James cracked in the end. Bob asks Romero to come back to the dark side, but he refuses. And despite his poker face, Bob claims to know him too well for that.

So Romero runs to Norma, giving her one last chance. He asks her how her late husband dies, and she lies to him again. “Goodbye, Norma,” he says, walking away. She has no idea how badly she’s just screwed up.

After Emma calls an end to her and Norman’s largely non-starter of a relationship, Norman finally tells Norma what James asked him. He admits to being confused about his feelings for her, but she assures him their relationship is perfectly normal. That it’s just his teenage hormones. She draws him into bed, and snuggles up with him.

Dylan and Caleb get to the drop, but they’re met with torches and guns pointed into their faces. Turns out the buyers were expecting Chick, and aren’t pleased they weren’t informed about the change in plans. Mainly, because they were planning on blowing Chick’s brains out. So Caleb and Dylan find themselves on their knees, with, no doubt, their lives flashing before of their eyes. But Caleb brought his own gun to the party, and after a quick shootout, they make it out of there intact.

Norma goes to have it out with James about what he asked Norman, but finds him packed up and just about to leave town. Beaten to shit, he advises her to do the same, and tells her to never, ever contact him again. Fair enough. He also tells her he told Bob Paris everything.

So now, Norma has to tell Norman all about who knows what. He’s not pleased, demanding to know why she told James about him. “Because, Norman, you have no idea what it’s like to be your mother!” she yells. She has a point. She leaves, telling him to lock the doors.

But hallucinatory Norma stays behind, and she’s feeling horny. But Norman pushes her away to run off into the night after the ghost of his dead dog, Juno. And then he bumps into a face from the past.