Bates Motel Season 3

As a thank you for staying the night Norma was away, Dylan offers to take Emma out for dinner. The connection between them seems to be igniting again. They’re interrupted by Emma’s dad ordering her home because she’s not well enough to be at work, because she doesn’t know her own limitations. Or chooses to ignore them. Dylan later goes to see Emma’s dad, to find out the truth about her health. He tells Dylan that there’s a hospital where, for around $20k, she can be moved up the list for a lung transplant.

Norma replaces her phone, keeping her old number, and manages to pick up her missed messages. She’s being snarky with everyone; after her night of freedom, she’s returned to everyone expecting her to sort out their shit again. Even Romero. He comes to her, and she’s unsympathetic, to say the least, but on his insistence, she tells him where to find the flash drive.

After getting Gunner to show him what’s on the drive, he seeks out Bob Paris at the gun club. He wants to know why his mother’s name is on the ledger, added years after her suicide. It appears his father is in this up to his neck. “So, perhaps now you’ll help me,” Bob says. Romero heads off to see his dad: an ex-cop turned prison inmate. He tells him to take his mum’s name off the ledger—he’s been using it to collect his profits from the drugs business—and use one of his many dead friend’s names instead. He accuses his dad of pushing his mum to suicide.

Chick pops around to the farm to ask Caleb if he’s still up for the driving job, but with things looking up for a family reunion, he turns it down. But with $20k to find to save Emma, Dylan’s interested. When they find out it’s delivering guns, Caleb tells him he can’t do it. Chick tells them to give him their decision soon.

Dylan tells Norma about Norman’s blackouts the night she was away, and when James turns up to check on her, she asks him to speak to Norman. Norman insists on speaking to James alone, but he’s messing with him, and quickly asks how it was sleeping with Norma. As he pushes James for details on her performance, James asks Norman if he’s jealous, if he wants to sleep with his mum. Norman attacks him. James leaves sharpish, telling Norma to get her son some help as he disappears through the front door.

Romero calls Norma to come and pick him up. He’s a little drunk. He wants to go home, but she takes him to the motel where she can look after him. They get a little cosy, but Norma stops it before it starts.

Dylan’s night out with Emma is cancelled as Norma cooks a big family dinner. So Emma joins them. So does Caleb, who turns up at the house with a bunch of flowers he picked for Norma. And then Romero joins them. And for one evening, they enjoy a normal life, save for a few awkwardly sentimental moments during the toasts.

But, there’s one in every family, and Norman’s not really one for ‘joining in’. He’s unhappy about sharing his mum with anyone, be it her friend, her other son, or her brother. And as the house sleeps, he creeps into her room, running his hand over her hip in a way a son shouldn’t touch his mum. Marking his territory.