Bates Motel Season 3

Picking up right where episode 8 finished, Norman finds himself looking at Bradley Martin: the girl he lost his virginity to, who watched her father’s death and subsequently murdered his killer, and who Norman and Dylan helped to fake her own suicide to escape White Pine Bay. She’s had enough of being alone, and she wants to come home. One snag: everyone here thinks she’s dead. Norman helps her hide her car, and holes her up in the motel.

Norma goes to Paris and tells him she’ll hand over the flash drive if he promises to keep Norman out of everything. But without the flash drive, she’s left with no bargaining power. Like he says, “You don’t get to call the shots anymore, Norma.” And that’s not just with Bob Paris. When she asks Romero for the flash drive, he tells her he’s taking care of it, and that they’re done.

And Caleb goes to have it out with Chick. Chick shrugs it off, saying that Dylan didn’t die, so no harm done. Caleb doesn’t feel quite the same way and, although Chick pulls a gun, it ends in a fist fight with Caleb coming off best. About $50k best. He gives the money to Dylan, and tells him to lie low for a while, until they know what Chick’s next move is going to be. Caleb says he’ll camp up not too far away, and Dylan makes him promise he’s not going to just disappear.

Bradley asks Norman to tell her mum that she’s not dead. She figures that turning up on the doorstep herself would be too much of a shock. So they drive out to the house. Bradley sees her mum leaving for work, along with her new man. Once they’re gone, Bradley and Norman go inside. Bradley’s upset to see the house has totally changed, as if to erase her and her father’s lives. When she finds her bedroom has been turned into a gym, she loses all hope of a happy family reunion. “So much for going home.”

It turns out that Romero turned the flash drive over to the DEA, but the move seems to have backfired as the finger of suspicion catches him in its shadow too. They find it a little hard to believe that he, as the town sheriff, knew nothing of what was going on right under his nose.

Dylan gives the whole $50k to Emma’s dad for her lung transplant. He refuses to accept any change or repayment, and only asks Emma doesn’t find out the money was from him.

Norma breaks into Romero’s house to look for the flash drive. He catches her and tells her that he handed it over. They have one of those screaming, desperate fights that only two people in love can have, but she leaves when the anger turns to passion.

Bradley says she’s going to leave again, realising there’s nothing in White Pine Bay for her anymore. She asks Norman to go with her, but he says he can’t leave. She kisses him, but as they start getting down to it, hallucinatory Norma shows up, and no one can have sex with their mum watching. He leaves, but she’s waiting for him outside, chastising him for what he was about to do. She says they don’t need any more trouble. Thing is, when hallucinatory Norma shows up, someone usually ends up dead. I hope Bradley sleeps with one eye open.