Traditionally when I’ve heard Justin Long connected with a romantic film I’ve approached with massive, gargantuan caution. But his new film Comet co-starring Emmy Rossum looks like an intriguing beast.

Directed and written by first timer Sam Esmail the trailer presents something slightly sinister in the relationship stakes. Seeming to jump between different time periods the film is shot with an off centre framing and bright palette that’s visually impressive. Looks like a mix of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Upstream Colour. Here’s a fuller synopsis.

Comet explores the six-year relationship between Dell (Long) and Kimberly (Rossum), as it skips around between five pivotal moments. Set in a parallel universe only slightly different from ours, Dell first meets Kimberly while waiting in line to watch a meteor shower at the Hollywood Forever cemetery. When he spots Kimberly, he is almost hit by a car, flooding his vision with a series of unusual glimpses of their future together. Despite Kimberly being on a date with a much better-looking man, Dell pursues her but she rebukes his advances. As the night goes on, however, Dell playfully convinces Kimberly to keep talking to him. They gradually become more comfortable with each other as they spend the night together.




Across these five separate sequences, Comet jumps around, back and forth, as it explores the defining moments of Dell and Kimberly’s relationship. Reality starts to come into question as surreal manifestations of love and heartbreak take over, blurring the lines between memories and dreams.”

Comet is released in cinemas on July 3rd 2015.