Jack Richardson says: Monday Night Raw

 Dolph Ziggler vs Neville


After his debut on Monday Night Raw the night following Wrestlemania, Neville has taken the WWE Universe by storm. Many will know of his work as PAC and his long run in NXT as Adrian Neville but his jump to the main roster couldn’t have come at a better time. Pitted against Dolph Ziggler in front of a raucous London crowd this match did not disappoint.

It has been apparent for a long while that Ziggler is one of, if not the best worker in the company. Up against Neville he showcased exactly that, with some brilliant spots including his infamously huge DDT and Super Kick. Neville returned the favour with a tight-rope walk across the barricade into a somersault splash onto Dolph on the floor, but Ziggler stole it in the end with a Zig Zag. This match could have gone either way and with both men putting on tremendous performances it not only proved that the smaller guys in the company are taking over, but also that Neville is ready for the big leagues. This one could be a huge feud in the future so make sure to watch out for that.

Despite the loss, in front of a home crowd for Neville he came out looking stronger than ever. Neville is no stranger to brilliant matches with his NXT championship defence in a fatal-fourway being nominated as one of WWE’s matches of the year, I’m certain he will be in many of our matches of the week features in the future.

Alan Boon says: Lucha Underground

King Cuerno & Cage & Texano vs Prince Puma & Jonny Mundo & Hernandez


With trios matches such a big part of lucha libre, it was inevitable that Lucha Underground would introduce a trios title eventually. They’ve done it with a bang, using their top stars in suitable triples, and we’ve been rewarded with some great action. This week’s final Trios Tournament semi-final, between King Cuerno & Cage & Texano and Prince Puma & Johnny Mundo & Hernandez, was the best of the tournament so far. The dives were on the button, the action was crisp, and it moved at a breakneck speed perfect for this kind of match. Even the result was perfectly booked, setting up another programme down the line for Lucha Underground champion Prince Puma. Great stuff.

Jack Richardson says: NXT –

Sami Zayn vs Rhyno


NXT is fast becoming many fans favourite brand in the WWE right now and this match showcased just why. Sami Zayn has toiled in NXT for over a year now and in that time he has become a fan favourite as well as NXT champion. His opponent Rhyno is an experienced ex-WWE wrestler who has a decorated career spanning 20 years. WWE is using ex-wrestlers such as Rhyno and The Brian Kendrick to help the young talent grow, but this match shows that you can indeed teach old dogs, new tricks. Rhyno is in the shape of his career and used some moves I’ve not seen from him before, as well as his trademark moves and looked as agile yet brutal as ever. Zayn also showcased his arsenal and this helped him come out on top crowning him the new #1 contender to Kevin Owens championship. A brilliant match which really shows exactly what NXT is about and why so many fans are getting behind the brand.