Live Review: Lower Than Atlantis – Nottingham Rescue Rooms


For some people girls in bands just don’t work, let alone as the front person in a Rock band. Live? Pvris adamantly fucking squish these ideas. Lynn Gunn is mesmerising! Her voice is amazing, her performance is captivating and her look is kooky-cool.

DSC_0073 DSC_0020

The guys are great support for her stardom and magnetic in their own ways, I often found myself watching the drummer just sat there as with their subtle rock sound, he often had little to do! Haha. Really lovely surprise though, definitely one to see live, and I will go away and listen to them now.


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Initially the crowd didn’t seem massively responsive to the unique Rock that is We Are The Ocean, but as the audience warmed up it turned out nearly everyone knew these guys, and these tracks. They really are a different kind of band, I thought perhaps too mature for the kids filling Nottingham’s Rescue Rooms- but I was totally wrong- after their set they left to rapturous applause. You catch them at one of many festivals this summer- so keep your eyes peeled- you wont be disappointed.


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As a massive LTA fan this may be a little biased- but! THEY’RE AMAZING! Ha ok seriously, they’re great on record, but live it’s just infectious! Mike is the dream front man, he jokes about what “front men” and “bands” should do and be, and laughs at how much he doesn’t want to be that. He’s one of us- a music fan- and he doesn’t want to be treated as anything other- you’ve gotta respect that.

The four guys up on stage are self confessed lucky friends that have broken into popularity, but it’s not down to luck. It’s down to the fun and honesty in their songs, their touching sentiments and their spectacular musicality. At one point Mike wandered out into the audience with his guitar and played acoustically for us, it was touching, and such a trusting moment.


Before I’d even exited the gig I was already looking forward to seeing Lower Than Atlantis again- at Slam Dunk, if you’re wise I’ll see you there!