The Bucky Boys, Stevie Boy and his cousin Davey Boy are much loved characters in ICW’s tag team division, we caught up with Stevie Boy backstage at Birmingham’s O2 Academy at ICW: Paperboy part of the Insane Entertainment System Tour. He chatted with Steelchair about The Bucky Boys longevity in the tag team division, ICW’s fans and future opportunities.

You came out tonight to help out Kay Lee Ray, then end up having a tag match with BT Gunn and Wolfgang from the NAK. Was it a planned match?

No, unannounced!

So those guys just came out to spoil your shit?

Yup, bastards! Dirty bastards, so they are! Every time you step in with the New Age Kliq, you know your going to take a bit of a doing.

It did look like quite a rough match, you seemed to spend a bit of time off to the sideline and Wolfgang seemed to take a bit of a battering.

I think he took a bit of a sore one, I think he took a knock to the head or something. But he seems a bit perkier, he’s coming back to life a bit now.

What did you make of the actual venue? Because you’ve got quite a high flying style, and it’s a slightly low roof does it impact the way you approach the match?

Not really! I’ve wrestled here once before, the last time ICW were here on the tour last year. That was kind of my testing period, new venue, new kind of the audience. So that was the kind of match I used as a test subject almost, “is this going to work here, if I do this here am I going to get the right kind of reaction” and the sort of thing. Tonight the crowd were so wild, I could have gone out and farted in a snare drum and it would have got a pop.

It was a good crowd tonight. This current tour, you are taking in some new venues you were in Nottingham last week and then Sheffield next weekend. Are the new venues going well?

Yeah, I don’t think we’ve had a bad venue yet! Everywhere we’ve been the crowds been really responsive, they seem to accept us, there’s no adjustment period. We walked out here for our second show and it’s as if we’ve been wrestling here for years. The crowd were there when we needed them, they cheered the good guys, booed the bad guys. Were doing quite well!

Do you think that is maybe down to the fact that ICW is more accessible for fans, that other independent promotions with the On Demand service? Do you find that is the case, compared to the other independents? Do you do many independent shows?

Yeah, this is more or less my full time job right now. I do a part time job on the side, but I’m trying to focus on making this so I’m wrestling more or less every weekend, like Friday to Sunday. But I think the On Demand service is definitely helped us, it put us on another level and obviously it’s now just climbing the ladder of opportunity trying to get where we want to go. I think On Demand was a good shout, because now we are trying to not so much break out of Scotland, but trying to expand it’s given people a taste of what we are going to bring to them. At the end of the day, it’s not going to be for everyone, but it seems so far that it’s a positive note.

From the outside to me, it looks as though ICW has a very ECW feel in the fact that you’ve got a base in Scotland, but then you are branching out but you’ll always return to that base.

Glasgow, will always be our home! That’s where the company was born, that’s where each of our characters was born. Anything we do it’s going to happen in Glasgow, because they are the fans that got us to where we are! They are the only reason we’ve got an On Demand service, they are the reason we go on tour because they showed us such amazing support back home. Not to say because Glasgow’s our home, were going to come out here and just have a laugh and that, we put in one hundred percent every time we step through that curtain.

I’d agree that you certainly aren’t doing that, Jack Jester made his return in Nottingham. It’s not that the tour is taken lightly or is separate to continuing story-lines.

I think that is a big thing, trying to find a happy medium because we don’t want to give away everything but at the same time we want people to keep coming back at the end of the day. That’s what it’s all about, we are here to build audiences and progress and progress. But it does help having wee aces up your sleeve kind of thing, a surprise every now and then.

Have you got gold in your future again do you think? You challenge for gold last week and came up short.

Well we are ICW’s longest running tag team right now, we’ve been here for four years now so tag titles are never out the question. Maybe one day down the line! Me and Blaze are two time tag-team champions, first time we beat STI, the second time we beat the New Age Kliq and the Sumerian Death Squad in the first London show that we did on the first tour. With regard to singles titles like the Zero G and Heavyweight title, never say never but I think just now, golds not really the main objective right now! Me and Blaze are loving what we are doing, every time we come our we are growing new support, we just really enjoying the ride right now.

Both you and the New Age Kliq seem to be the two stables that are over with the audiences, on the shows I’ve seen.

As I said, since ICW started there have been maybe three different tag divisions and the Bucky Boys are the only team that have been in all three tag divisions. We started the tag divison with STI, when STI folded we went on to the fight the Death Squad and the New Age Kliq, and now we’ve gone on to fight people like Polo Promotions and The 55. So we have been in the tag division since it started in ICW. We’ve held the belts twice, but it certainly isn’t finished we’ll go back and have another crack at it but I think just for just now man we are doing so well with the tour and the announcement of the SECC things like that we really just want to have fun. Just enjoy the ride!

That’s going to be a huge show, and I think you’ll possibly sell that out.

Fingers crossed, hopefully.

You can catch all the action from ICW’s Insane Entertainment Tour through ICW On Demand, and ICW will also be putting on their biggest ever show Fear and Loathing VIII in Glasgow on the 15th November at The SECC with tickets available for this and all their other shows at

* Twenty-four hours after this interview took place, Stevie Boy went on to win the ICW Zero G Championship in London. So either he’s a really good liar or at that point he didn’t know he was going to become champ! Either way, well played sir!