Director Francois Ozon is perhaps best known for the international hit thriller Swimming Pool. The majority of his work though are usually romantic comedies or dramas, his latest The New Girlfriend certainly falls into that category.

The film follows Claire (Anaïs Demoustier – Bird People) who is mourning for her best friend. Falling into depression she is given a new lease on life when she discovers something new about her friend’s husband David (Romain Duris – The Beat That My Heart Skipped). As you can see from the trailer that “something new” is that David’s transgender. It also presents the film as a curious mix of slapstick comedy and psychological thriller. You get the feeling that it’s really one or the other but if the film manages to pull both off it will be quite an achievement.

The source of this story comes from a Ruth Rendell novel, those more familiar with her mystery books may be surprised by she has prior in discussing sexuality with works like Live Flesh.

See the dynamic pairing’s work on screen from 22nd May 2015.