Bates Motel Season 3

Norman wakes to the sound of sirens, with episode 4 picking up where episode 3 left off. He wanders down to see what’s happening, and, still a little dazed from his near drowning, mopes around like an extra in a zombie flick. Norma spots him and jumps into motherly damage control mode: he’s only standing there, surrounded by cops, repeating “Did I do it?” Dylan shows up just in time to play the role of the responsible big brother.

Sheriff Romero knows Norma well enough to know she’s hiding something from him (namely, that USB drive), and it’s not like she doesn’t have form. “Chaos seems to swirl around you”, he accurately notes.

When the panic dies down, Norma plugs the USB drive into her laptop, but finds it locked by a password. The next day she goes to a cafe where, apparently, lots of computer geeks like to hang out. She asks a random young lad to get into the USB drive for her, but he says the programme locking it is too sophisticated, that she will need the password.

Sheriff Romero is back questioning Bob Paris, president of the Arcanum Club, and he flippantly brushes off the deaths of the two women. But he does ask Romero if Annika had anything on her. With his suspicions rising, Romero returns to the motel, where Norma finds him searching Annika’s room. He asks Norma if Annika had anything on her, and accuses her outright of lying to him.

Following a suggestion from Emma, Norman makes food for a romantic out-of-town picnic. Norma mistakenly thinks he’s inviting her on the picnic, and gets all stroppy and jealous when he sets her straight. She accuses him of using Emma to get back at her, and warns him not to hurt her. Her cystic fibrosis is worsening, and Norma points out that sex could kill her. As it happens, Norma does end up going on their picnic, or, at least, her ever-present influence. The day turns out to be damp and cold, but they find an abandoned house in the woods. They light a fire, get cosy, but Norman stops it, repeating what his mother warned him. Unsurprisingly, Emma’s pretty annoyed, and walks out, telling him that she is the one who decides her limitations, not him, and certainly not his mother.

Romero questions another Arcanum Club escort, and discovers that Lindsay (our dead girl from episode 2) and Bob Paris were having something of a relationship, that he flew her out to White Pine Bay every weekend. He also discovers that Annika had joined them in threesomes.

Norma tells Dylan about the USB drive, and gives it to him, asking him to try to crack it. But all the whispering between them is grating at Norman’s paranoia, and his sense of entitlement with Norma’s affections.

Dylan disturbs two guys ransacking the motel’s office, guns are pulled, threats are thrown about, and they leave. But they’ve promised to return. This only results in more hushed conversations as Dylan tells Norma he’ll hide the drive at the farm. Norman demands to know what all the “secretive agitated whispering” is all about, but neither of them will tell him. So he follows Dylan back to the farm.

Of course, Caleb is there, still recovering from a serious fall earlier in the day. He’d refused hospital treatment stating that there was a warrant out for his arrest. Dylan sewed him up, and they had a deep and meaningful conversation, strengthening their growing bond. Norman is furious to see him there—his mother’s rapist—and runs off to tell Norma. Dylan grabs him, and begs him not to tell her, that this will ruin the relationship he’s rebuilt with Norma. But the opportunity to regain his place as No 1 son, to be her confidant again, is too tempting.