Bates Motel Season 3

The body found drowned at the end of the last episode has been brought out of the water, and Norma is invited to ID it. It’s not our missing escort. Her relief is obvious; abating worry for both her son and the missing Annika. She’s tired of dealing with the fallout of Norman’s blackouts, telling him “I just want to feel normal right now.” Chance would be a fine thing.

She’s enrolled herself on a business course at the local college, but on her first day, she accidentally wanders into the Psychology 101 class. After acting crazy with the tutor, he suggests, as she leaves, that a Psychology class might be of benefit to her.

A few days later, he catches up with her in the carpark to apologise for their first meeting. He offers her some therapy sessions, telling her that she looks like she needs it—the magic words every woman wants to hear! As he walks away, she discards his business card on the ground, and climbs into her car. But she thinks better of it, and retrieves the card for later.

Emma, obviously bored of her boyfriend’s lack of interest towards her, and his habit for chasing after pretty strangers, turns up to work in a sexy lace dress. She claims “I just get bored with wearing my usual clothes sometimes.” Don’t we all?

Meanwhile, Sheriff Romero is making enquiries about the still missing Annika, but he’s pressing the town’s rich and powerful, and they don’t appreciate it. His own conscience isn’t exactly clean, and with the sheriff election looming, he’s warned to wind his neck in. Marcus Young, his competition in the upcoming election shows up. They strut about, sizing each other up, and Marcus is keen to name-drop his local supporters.

The Sheriff comes to question Norman about Annika, and Norman shoos Norma away. She’s desperate to listen in, to protect him like she always has, but he’s not a little boy anymore. He’s the man of the house, and he’s ready to act the part.

A delivery of top-grade marijuana plants arrive at the motel for Dylan. It’s a take them now, or they go back deal, leaving Emma with little choice but to fill her VW Beetle with the plants, and drive them out to Dylan’s farm. There, she meets Caleb. She knows there’s animosity between him and the family. Dylan asks her not to tell anyone she’s seen him. Poor Emma’s getting pretty loaded down with Bates’ secrets.

Norman has a bit of a meltdown; he’s suffering under the accusatory gaze of his mother. He yells at her, blaming her for getting into his head, making him feel paranoid and guilty. He’s widening the emerging gap between them.

Locked into the bathroom, his hallucinatory version of Norma appears, and she always spells trouble. On her suggestion, he climbs into the bath, slides under the water, and tries to remember what happened with Annika. The real Norma comes to apologise, and, on getting no response through the bathroom door, she kicks it in, just in time to pull him out of the water and save him from drowning. He’s confused and unsure, thinking that maybe he did kill Annika.

Norma needs out of there, and goes down to the motel. She’s distraught, sure that Norman has more blood on his hands. But then Annika drives up. She weak and bleeding, and with her last breaths she gives Norma a flash drive, telling her that it’s important, that she should use it for her and her son. And then she dies in Norma’s arms.