Set for release 25th May, Delta Sleep have announced their upcoming album ‘Twin Galaxies’.

Striking up a brilliantly enticing balance between complex math rock riffs, with a much more accessible melodic side that makes it effortless to listen to, the group are onto something grand.

Influences seem to come from all over, as one would imagine with such clashing styles combined, the rush of the harsh, fast paced riffwork is reminiscent of an At The Drive In sort of outfit, whereas the more melodic, downbeat sounds seem very Basement like.

‘Spy Dolphin’ is definitely a standout track, over 6 minutes long, easily one of the lengthier tracks on the record. Utilising a fantastically slow build up midway through, before leading off into some fine atmospheric and emotionally charged guitar work.


The balance between complexity and melody are what really set the record off, with such contrasting styles it would have been so easy to get the measurement off, but Delta Sleep seem to have hit the nail on the head in terms of combining them. And despite the straying from straight up math rock right throughout, the heaviness doesn’t lack, it’s just given a different sort of angle, one that will attract a much broader audience.

The band will be making a string of appearances in the UK in the near future, the dates can be found below.

1st May – Handmade Festival, Leicester
18th July – Truck Festival, Oxford
22nd August – ArcTanGent, Bristol