I am sat contemplating last night… I am sat contemplating my very life. This was the last night I will ever have seen The Blackout. The last time I will ever photograph Sean Smith…

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Being a fan of The Blackout before I was a reviewer or a photographer, this is completely personal, and comes from a place of pure fandom. Having been around as a band for thirteen years The Blackout have built a fan-base like no other, so much so that we have often financially supported the guys to continue to make music, and it’s for this reason alone they’ve managed to hold on in this difficult time in the music industry for so long. But sadly the end is nigh as the guys announced this, their farewell tour. We caught them at The Asylum in Birmingham.

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As with all the dates, this one was sold out and packed to the (literal) rafters, this being The Blackout‘s best selling tour to date (“So fuck you all” in Gav’s words, ha ha).

On record their sound is verging on Post-Hardcore Rock Pop, but live? They tear the stage up- they stomp on it- set it alight and then piss over the ashes. It’s a show like NO OTHER and no one will ever stand higher in my assumptions live than The Blackout. They’re passion, they’re fun, they are raw power and energy. They’re Rock ‘n’ Roll incarnate.


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I’m so sad it’s over, I will keep my memories of the shows I’ve seen, the photos I’ve taken, the words we’ve spoken and the way The Blackout made me feel so dearly in my heart.

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One of my favourite people to meet and shoot, Sean Smith I will miss you! Thanks for the memories.


By Kimberley Bayliss

Kimberley is Vulture Hound's Live Editor and a Photographer.