In the dark basement of a disconcertingly lovely pub set along the Birmingham canal side, on this particular Spring eve, a monster had taken root.. The monster of Punk Rock that is! There was no hysteria surrounding the venue, no queues, no traffic, just a peaceful Midlands night. But as soon as the doors officially opened, to the belly of the beast, it was immediately a rock show. One indeed to rival all others. The room was packed and sweaty, the fans dedicated and energised, and the bands smashing it, track after track.

Birmingham’s own Guerrilla Monsoon started the night off with their Anthemic Melodic Punk.


Bear Trade were the second band up representin’ English Punk. They came with a really interesting Folk take on traditional Skate Punk.


PEARS are a New Orleans Punk Hardcore band that formed less than one year ago and have gained immediate notoriety with their first record ‘Go To Prison’, the album- like their live show, is pure passion, angst and madness. Truly a huge joy to behold, one of the best live performances I have seen. Ever. You must check PEARS out. NOW.


Red City Radio boast a gutsy, Rock ‘n’ Roll take on Punk, fucking manly Punk. I honestly went to this show for PEARS, and with that I was obviously not disappointed, but of Red City Radio, I was initially unaware. But I totally left a fan, and have listened to them almost every minute since. They’re infectious, inspired and original.