Live Review: Papa Roach – Birmingham

With support from The One Hundred and Coldrain, Papa Roach tore the Birmingham 02 Academy-up last night!

DSC_0027DSC_0192The place was HEAVING! Surprisingly the crowd was a mixed bag- all ages, all walks of life. Apparently Papa Roach reach all corners of society with their Rock Pop tunes.

DSC_0254DSC_0363Papa Roach for some reason have never been accepted within the Rock community as a credible rock band, much like Staind and Stone Sour, they’re somewhat of a joke or a guilty pleasure. Having said that, everyone can recognise and jam along to a Papa Roach song, even in spite of themselves. And with all other judgement aside, that’s because their tunes are awesome.

DSC_0311These guys have so many more recognisable tracks than you’d have thought, they seem to have been ingrained into our subconscious over the years, and boy have they been around some. And that shows in their live performance, the stage was simple and clean, and the guys owned every inch of it.

DSC_0398The four members are truly a honed unit and they reacted and interacted with each other in a way you always hope bands will on stage. You want to see that camaraderie, and banter.

DSC_0263The hit of the night was “Last Resort” which had the crowd going WILD. It really was a great night and a great show, I’d definitely go to see Papa Roach again, and gosh darn it, I’d bloody enjoy it too.