Assassin (DVD Review)

It’s good to see Danny Dyer back on screen in a film doing what he does best, although it does seen that he has slightly toned down the ‘bad boy’ image as he doesn’t seem as angry in this film as he has done in others.

Danny Dyer plays Jamie a killer for hire. He is hired to kill a girl who is the daughter of a local businessman and a rival of the men who pay for him. Jamie however falls in love with the girl and therefore tries to go straight and start a new life, but things don’t go to plan and he wants revenge.


The storyline is a good one and is the base for what could be a great film. Unfortunately, it does fall a bit flat.

It’s good to see the Kemp brothers back in a film together and I have to say that on this occasion I think Gary Kemp shines through as the best of the two brothers.

It all just seems a bit tame and considering the storyline it shouldn’t be. For a thriller to work it needs to keep you on he edge of your seat and I am sorry it doesn’t. There isn’t enough suspense. The whole revenge thing towards the end just seems a bit ‘bang I have killed one, now on to the next, yep you are dead too’. The problem is you don’t feel he has achieved a sense of justice as the events leading up to it were predictable.


A bad accent from Anouska Mond who plays Alex, Jamie’s girlfriends friend is also slightly unforgiving.

Although, this is an easy watching film with a storyline that shows potential, it just needs a bit more to give it the final ‘wow’ to make it a film you would want to watch again.

Assassin is available on Blu-Ray and DVD now via Signature Entertainment.