Two Night Stand highlights an unlikely romance of two underachieving heartbroken millennials in a winter romance that mirrors its characters by not living up to its potential.  Megan, a jobless twenty-something played by Analeigh Tipton, is persuaded by her exasperated roommate Faiza, played by Jessica Szohr to put her life back together after a break-up by means of a one night stand.

Enter Alec, the unmotivated stoner bank manager, played by Miles Teller, is elected to bone her breakup blues away.  Alec’s large Brooklyn apartment comes furnished with an over the top alarm system, which keeps Megan in the apartment the morning after despite her best efforts to flee. Mid morning the pair begin to fight about her virtue and Megan bolts the apartment only to find New York in a cataclysmic blizzard forcing her to stay tramped in an apartment with someone she doesn’t like. After getting high together the part throws caution to the wind giving each other unflatteringly honest tips on their sex performance and debate giving it a second try. This isn’t exactly a spoiler since most of this is in the preview and the title alone suggests two nights of hook ups. Many romantic comedies have starred apathetic Peter Pan types before, are they usually paired with an ambitious if uppity female lead. This is not the case in 2 Night Stand’s Megan, who is mess without a job, prone to hysterical outbursts women of Rom Coms are forced into. While she may poke fun at Alec, its not long before he discovers they have much in common.


The film enlists over the top hi-jinx to spice up an otherwise talky movie. Including illegal activity, pluming issues, etc. Some of these shenanigans are meant to offer comic relief proving problematic because Tipton though likeable isn’t skilled with comic timing leaving the overtly talented Teller to carry many of the scenes. No easy task in an essentially two-person cast. In the hands of an actress with stronger comedic skills like a younger Zooey Deschannel or Emma Stone, Megan would have been far more charming and authentic. One might to an extent appreciate director Max Nicols,’ inclusion of racial diversity in casting biracial Szohr and Scott Mescudi as Cedric Fazia’s boyfriend, in a film that had so few characters. However, the Rom Com tactic of casting the sassy black best friend is overplayed and frankly offensive. Why not cast Szohr as Megan, she certainly has as much if not more acting skill and better comic ability.

Within the first fifteen minutes it was clear a man wrote the film, and many of Tipton’s lines don’t sound like something the character would actually say. It was not surprising to discover that this is writer Mark Hammer’s first film script, as the film feels like the screenplay of a novice one that is two edits away from being a terrific script. Additionally, it was director Nicols first feature film.


One can forgive many of the films shortcomings and unrealistic plot points such as a giant NYC apartments that jobless millennials can afford to rent, or perfectly curled hair on a supposedly agoraphobic young woman. These are things that fall through the cracks in most romantic comedies and other genres. However, the sloppy script writing, questionable casting and ridiculous hi-jinx make this film as adequate and disappointing as Megan description Alec’s sexual performance. This is the kind of film to be best enjoyed on an airplane when if offers comfort through the pains of a ten hour flight sat with a snoring stranger drooling on your shoulder, a kid kicking you in the back, the seat in front of you reclined into your knees with the screen a foot from your face and one hissing ear bud.  If you have such a flight in your future wait for the airline release. If you are contemplating spending £10 on it, keep in mind February is dump month for films not deemed strong enough to make profit with steeper competition during higher theatre attendance months. In February about three romance films fulfill Valentine attendance and all other weaker films are dumped into the month’s lineup.  Happy Valentines Day!

Two Night Stand is on general cinematic release and VOD now.

By Riley Arthur

Riley Arthur is an American photographer and journalist living in Preston.