The Birdman Rallies - Dissolve Into The Black (Single Review)

Sporting the kind of laid back electronic rhythms that would lull Groove Armada into involuntary bouts of head nodding and hip swaying, The Birdman Rallies are a four piece looking to send us off to exotic locations of supreme relaxation. After listening to their new free track Dissolve Into The Black, you will awake from the gentle trance they had you under, distraught to find yourself back in your office/flat and not on the coast of some impossibly blue ocean.

Dissolve Into The Black denotes the feeling of someone dissipating your fears with the simple act of companionship. It’s a fitting theme for a song that draws you so deep into its world and so far away from this one. Musical escapist fantasy at its best.

The Birdman Rallies release their new album, Real River on Monday the 9th of February, 2015.