Only Real - Yesterdays

Electro-hip-hop producer/ DJ Darq E Freaker has taken on a new challenge by crafting Only Real’s summer-pop anthem Yesterdays into a synth-fuelled grime hit, transforming the song into a beach classic to a warehouse raver. Darq E Freaker is a master of metamorphosis and has also remixed other hits such as Rita Ora and Iggy Azalea’s Black Widow into a completely different genre and style. Only Real (aka Niall Gavin)’s, likeable London bloke Jamie T-like rapping and vocals float along idyllically above the building bass and thick layers replacing the original lo-fi Wavves-esque electric guitar backing. The track sounds like it was written by an experienced West Coaster rather than a young West Londoner. The dance and trap elements give new life to the almost blasé vocals and rhymes providing a new level of excitement and brightness.

Only Real’s long awaited debut album The Jerk At the End of the Line is out March 30th 2015 with Virgin/ EMI. Yesterdays is already available and Darq E Freaker’s remix is available to listen to on Soundcloud here: