Award winning and all around incredible actor Mads Mikkelsen takes the lead role and co-writing duties in a new short film The Call. Known usually for his intense performances in Pusher, The Hunt, A Royal Affair and TV’s Hannibal, this time he plays it debonair.

The Call sees Mikkelson play a successful actor rehearsing his lines with the beautiful Malin Buska. A ringing phone keeps distracting Mikkelson from the task at hand. Will he answer? Who’s calling?

The Call is a short film of six minutes and the first of two films that Mads Mikkelsen has made for Danish furniture retailer BoConcept. The second film, The Guest, will be launched later this year. Both were shot on location in BoConcept designer Morten Georgsen’s villa in Spain, why pay for sets when you have a place dripping in class?


‘I am an actor so I want to act and this is exactly what I do in the two films,’ says Mads Mikkelsen about his appearance in the two BoConcept films that are not commercials in the traditional sense. It’s always enjoyable to see companies who pull out all the stops creatively and financially to create unique pieces of film-making.

Mads Mikkelsen has been closely involved in the development of the scripts of both films where he has worked together with Director and friend Dejan Cukic as well as Technical Director Thomas Busk who most recently worked with Mads on the film The Salvation. It was a small reunion that took place for six days on location where some of the best from the Danish film industry were part of the crew:‘ I very rarely take on commercial roles, but these films are different. BoConcept didn’t hire an advertising agency to write the script but allowed professional film makers to do what they do best and I am very happy to have had the opportunity to create something unique and special together with a team of great Danish colleagues,‘ says the star.

You can enjoy Mads Mikkelsen and Malin Buska in the new and very stylish drama The Call at