Here stands (or writes..) a converted Stadium-Rock fan. Originally of the mind that rock should live where it started, and where it thrives- in the smaller, standing rock venues- the double headliner show at the newly named “Genting Arena” (Birmingham’s NEC) proved that perspective way wrong.


Somehow, You Me At Six in-particular made the arena feel small, the vast room was packed wall to wall, not a gap insight, and the crowd so involved and so “together” that it felt like a small home town show. The opposite of what you’d expect from an arena show, it was personable and inclusive, whilst still being audibly epic and visually stunning.


An arm movement of your own being mirrored by thousands must be an exceptional thing to experience. The audience were all in for You Me At Six, the arena sat quite happily in the palm of front-man Josh’s hands.


All Time Low (who were up first) were cute and fun, they bought some personality and spunk to the stage and the crowd seemed to eat them up. I am personally familiar with a couple of songs but not through choice, and my mind wasn’t changed about them after experiencing their live show. They are Pop-Punk with the focus on the Pop, as enjoyable and inoffensive as their tunes and performance was, I do not see them as a credible Rock band.

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You Me At Six on the other hand made this giant event feel like a rock show. As main-steam as they have become, YMAS are no less substantial as a Rock Band. Their sound has just become more honed and polished, and their emotional connection and passion to the music is never more noticeable than when they’re on stage. Amazed at how many familiar tracks they could bash out, every one was flawless and moving. With minimal forced crowd participation the crowd often took over the songs anyway, and the guys would just step back and seemingly revel in the moment.

You Me At Six really know how to write a catchy song, and they know how to do a great show, I’d see them again tomorrow, whether that be in an arena, a rock venue or a working mens club!

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By Kimberley Bayliss

Kimberley is Vulture Hound's Live Editor and a Photographer.