Imagine if Cheryl Fernandez-Versini , Beyonce, Lady Ga Ga and Diana Vickers had a musical love child – you would get Liv.

Twenty year-old artist from London Liv has created this uptown funk, disco pop music with a contemporary edge. It’s a track that is just cool enough to dance to but if you feel like wopping out your lady gaga glitter ball head mask then you can also do so.

Liv’s new track Come A Little Closer is a great dance track to pop and lock and impress your mates on the dance floor. But watching the music video is a rather obscure experience, as Liv is seen wrapped in some sort of bridal gown, a long black dress and then a rather sexy, sophisticated black suit whilst glitter men dance around her. Her style is very Cheryl-esque and Lady Gaga-esque: quite chic and sexy but very edgy.

Her voice is rather distinct, not many artists like her have that type of voice – apart from Diana Vickers, of course. It’s rather husky and eerie as she invites you into her musical cave of wonders.