So first off, tell us about your upcoming album American Candy; How did the process of recording differ from the previous albums?

American Candy is the first album where we went back and used a producer that we have already on a previous album, Colby Wedgeworth. He worked with us on the album Pioneer a few years back and we work so well together that it just seemed like the right move to work together again. It was also the first album where we used all our own recording gear. We rented a house in Joshua Tree California for a month and just worked all day and night. It was a great time.

When can we expect to see material from the album?

Sooner than later for sure! Early spring.

I know it’s difficult but how would you describe the sound of The Maine now compared to previous releases?

I think the main goal on this album was to make a happy uplifting record. Not that I thought the last couple have been “more of a downer”, I just think there were a few songs that could make it seem like that. American Candy is more of a short, kinda get to the point album. We wanted people to feel like it flew by and want to just start it over right when it was done.

Personally it feels like your sound has progressed from a more pop-orientated feel to a very mature real rock and roll sound over the years. In a way it’s the reverse of what a lot of bands tend to do where they start off heavier and end up going down a radio-friendly pop route. Did you notice this happening/was it a conscious decision and what was the thinking behind it?

We never really plan what records are going to sound like. It just happens. We have a million different influences coming out of all five of us so when we get in a room together they all start to poke their heads out.  I think the earlier stuff shows our age, just fun pop tunes. As you get older you want to prove yourself that you can be a great band, so you try more. You write the 8 minute weirdo song cause why shouldn’t you? We are artists and supposed to be experimenting. Some bands can get afraid of making the wrong move and no one will like them anymore which holds them back, but that’s just not us.

What would you say are some key songs/artists that you listened to a lot/inspired you with this release?

The 90’s has always been a huge influence on us because thats the time period we grew up. The Rolling Stones are my favorite band of all time. A band called the New Radicals put out the best album of the 90’s (in my opinion) & we definitely referenced that more than once. I think the word “groove” got thrown around a lot. Most of the songs have a nice groove going on.

 I’ve had the pleasure of catching you on tour in the UK plenty of times, can we expect the touring for this album to be as extensive as that of Forever Halloween?

We hope so! We toured a lot on Forever Halloween. I don’t expect that to change for this record. We were fortunate enough to be able to play across the UK a lot over the past couple of years. 

What would you say have been some of your favourite shows as a band and what makes them so special?

I think when you play any city for the first time, it’s always going to be amazing. You have no idea what the show will be like and it always seems to blow your mind. Its impossible to name just a few because at this point we’ve played a ton of great shows. If the energy is there it always gets a great spot stored in my brain somewhere.

You guys have been together for 8 years now and still seem so tight as a unit and a group of friends. With most bands undergoing some member changes or break ups/hiatuses by the time they reach your level, what would you say has kept you guys going and still giving you that motivation to keep making music with your friends?

Yeah 8 years is a long time! I think the most beneficial thing for us is when never give ourselves enough time to really think about what’s happened in the last 8 years. It’s gone by so fast and we’ve experienced so much together it always kept us tight. There also aren’t any egos. I feel like in most bands there is always that one guy who just becomes a dick and that really separates a band. We always try to keep each other in check and stay positive when things get a little crazy. It’s not always sunshine buts there’s never been a really stormy day either.  

If you could tour with any band in the world right now, who would it be and why?

Wilco. I just want to watch them every night. Wilco or The Replacements for the same reason.  

Finally, what are you listening to right now that you’d recommend to our readers?

The Kooks new album is super rad – so much dance going on its hard not to move your butt while you listen to it. In my opinion, The War on Drugs put out the best album of last year, I still can’t get enough of it. Ryan Adams also put out a great album last year. I just bought a record last night from a band called Title Fight and it’s really cool. I feel like its hardocre The Smiths. Cant go wrong there. Spoon also put out a kickass record last year. So much great music is out there right now just gotta go find it.

Thanks for taking the time to chat! Our new album American Candy will be out this spring – we can’t wait for you guys to hear it!