When the 50 shades book was released it was a massive hit with women everywhere reading it and men wondering just what was inside to get women gripped. Of course, everyone knew it was because it contained sex and lots of it. It was inevitable really by its popularity that a film was going to be made and I was dubious as I just didn’t know how they would be able to get away with making it as graphic as the book.

The first thing that struck me with this film is that the dialogue is exactly the same as how it is written in the book, there is no deviation in the script. Now if you enjoyed that part of the book then it probably means you enjoyed the film, but for me, I found the book to be not that well written so unfortunately translated into film it became a bit wooden and I don’t think it helped the actors and actresses at all.


There were some great things about this film, in particular the ice scene I thought was portrayed very well and it was the first time that I actually felt Jamie Dornan played Christian Grey how I had imagined him in the book. This I believe to be part of the problem. If it is not how you imagined it when you read it then there is already a ‘downer’ going to be put on the film and I am afraid Jamie Dornan just doesn’t do it for me. But anyway, back to the ice scene. In that scene he did do it for me and I think it was the first time I was convinced that he played the dominating character well.

I also especially liked the contract negotiation scene, I think it was funny and I think Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson played it very well and were very convincing. I also liked that his apartment was exactly how I imagined it – its all about the little details for me. The director captured the actual sex scenes very well, they weren’t too crude or over the top and they weren’t under detailed either. It had just about the right amount to not make it uncomfortable to watch in a cinema full of other people.


Overall, if you enjoyed the book then it is a good idea to watch the film. I had high expectations of coming out hating it and thinking it was nothing like the book and that it wasn’t detailed enough, but I was proved wrong. I’m not saying there weren’t some details missed out that shouldn’t have been though. She bit her lip a LOT more in the book, she was forced to eat and drink a lot more in the book than she was in the film and I think she was also slightly more cocky in the film than she was in the book.

Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson came across as very comfortable together in their scenes, there was no sense of awkwardness about them together and being naked and this overall led me to come out of the cinema thinking, that wasn’t that bad and I would definitely go watch the second film.

Fifty Shades of Grey is on wide theatrical release now.