It’s every pop music fan’s favourite time of year, that’s right The Brit Awards were on last night, and what a show (or polava, whichever you prefer) it was.

Ant & Dec were back and what a brilliant job they did of presenting an award show that had so many problems with it the BBC would be sniggering away at ITV.

Every year there seems to be some problem with it, I find, and it’s usually the acts they have on to perform – I know this is a ‘modern’ music show, but come on, get some good acts.

Last night though, well there were some great performances, namely from relatively new band Royal Blood who absolutely stormed it and put the likes of Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran to shame.

Other performances that weren’t to be missed were Paloma Faith with her spectacular performance of ‘Only Love Can Hurt Like This’, after her rightfully deserved win of Best Female Arist. Also young George Ezra, who, apart from his guitarist lacking the skills to play guitar, played his hit song ‘Budapest’ to an adoring audience.

But apart from all of the deserved winners, and none deserved, we all still had a good giggle.

The big story for about half an hour was Kanye West being muted so often because of the explicit lyrics during his performance, which was very poor anyway.

But the big story? Yes. Yes. Yes. Magoner.


The poor old dear was dragged by her cape, which originally had viewers questioning whether the Grim Reaper had come to claim her as she was entering the stage.

Now if you didn’t manage to catch it the first time around, and you’ve somehow managed to miss all the videos on Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter… here it is again;

By Sam Hawxwell

Twitter; @sammightsay