Bleach Blood – London In The Rain (Single Review)

Bleach Blood have got one hell of a good quality about them. Even when their songs are supposed to be depressing, they still sound uplifting. This may sound oxymoronic, but actually it is one of the key traits behind being a pop band. If your music can exorcize someone’s pain, and simultaneously cheer them up, then you have the magic formula to great pop music.

The video itself follows frontman Jamie Jazz through the streets of the titular city followed by rain cloud. I know that it sounds too cheesy to be anything other than cheap, cliched tripe, but they use practical effects that give the video a handmade quality that dismisses any notion of SyFy channel grade CGI. Also, the fact that it is a real world object that constantly pours water on Jamie’s face is probably why he looks so convincingly miserable.

Bleach Blood’s debut album, All The Sides Of A Circle is released on 2 March 2015 via Transmission Recordings.