Artist: Sleater- Kinney
Track: Bury Our Friends
Album: No Cities to Love
Chosen by Mareva Lindo (Music Writer)


Artist: The Black Ryder
Track: Seventh Moon
Album: The Door Behind The Door
Chosen by Michael Dickinson (Film Writer)


Artist: Waxahatchee
Track: Air
Album: Ivy Tripp
Chosen by Jordan Derbyshire (Film Writer)


Artist: FKA Twigs
Track: Two Weeks
Album: LP1
Chosen by Sarah Carter (Deputy Music Editor)


Artist: Moose Blood
Track: Bukowski
Album: I’ll Keep You In Mind, From Time To Time
Chosen by Mitchell Bell (Music Writer)


Artist: Alt J
Track: Hunger Of The Pine
Album: This Is All Yours
Chosen by Gemma Hirst (Music Writer)


Artist: King 810
Track: Desperate Lovers
Album: Memoirs of a Murderer
Chosen by Jack Richardson (Wresting and Music Writer)