Valours - Drag / Alien (Single Review)

The Leeds based rockers Valours are set to drop a new video on the first of March for the first half of their new AA-Side Drag / Alien. The AA-side itself has a release date of 18/4/15, I got to get a sneak preview of the tracks from the band.

Drag sets off with a hard hitting mix of guitar followed by defining echoing vocals that instantly draw you in. The energy is kept throughout and it is begging to be blasted out at full volume. Drag, is a track that Valours fans will be looking forward to experiencing live and at full throttle! Whilst not as refined as Alien, the multiple guitar riffs and growling vocals amp you up as you listen, which is exactly what the boys would have wanted to achieve with Drag.

We get a glimpse of a softer side of the band as Alien begins with room-filling melancholy vibes which then fluidly build into an emphatic enjoyable tune, which shows the full range of the band and the ease in which they build, develop then punctuate their songs.

More grown up, developed and pronounced than Dreams/Metaphors, this is a real ‘arrival’ record. There are hundreds of bands out there that fall into the pit and cycle of becoming a touring ‘pub’ band that almost become an inferior cover band, however, Valours have that edge and acidity that will make people sit up and listen to them. They have something different, they lure you in with their heavy guitars, solid drums and distinctive vocals, and they don’t let go until the song is over, and you can feel that there is meaning behind the lyrics which is the antithesis of many mainstream rock groups out there today.

The launch of the physical release of the AA-Side is being held by Slamdunk at The Key Club in Leeds, on the 18th of April following a UK week long tour, then followed by a European tour!

Valours have put together a great AA-Side here, which shows their energy, range and excitable song writing prowess. I for one am certainly looking forward to seeing if they can smash these tracks live when they tour later in the year, definitely a band to look out for!