Royal Rumble Match & What Next?

Now that I have had a few days to calm down from the debacle of the Royal Rumble match, I thought it would be good to discuss the match and where certain Superstars can go from here;

The Royal Rumble match and its result was a foregone conclusion, which took all the tension and excitement out of it. Its not that Roman Reigns winning isn’t the worst thing in the world, I actually think that his match with Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania all be a hard-hitting enjoyable slugfest. It was the way that Superman Reigns won it, and the way that some favourable superstars were eliminated from the Rumble. Firstly, the ending was awful, forget the surprise of the Rock, forget the boos, it was the way Reigns just simply tossed the undefeated, unstoppable monster Rusev over the top rope. It was the cherry on top of the ‘Fuck You WWE Universe’ cake. 

Lets dive into why the Royal Rumble was an absolute clusterfuck for WWE;

– People are saying that it should have been Daniel Bryan’s year, however, probably controversially and unpopular, I quite enjoyed the shock exit of DBryan for two reasons. Firstly, it was a shock and totally unexpected which was refreshing to see, and secondly (at the time) I thought it was going to be either Wyatt, Ambrose or Ziggler’s year which would have continued the unexpected journey for the audience though out the Rumble Match! As soon as Daniel Bryan’s feet hit the floor, the Philly crowd, who are known to be wild and outrageous, booed everything. Not even the Rock’s appearance at the end could contain and counter the raucous of boos for superman Reign’s victory. Ironically however, last year’s Royal Rumble caused outrage due to Batista returning winning whilst the crowd wanted Reigns to be victorious!

– Returning on my point of the eliminations of some of the favourites;

Wyatt, who had eliminated six superstars, (including Daniel Bryan!) was simply tossed over the top rope with no build up or anything, by two of the most boring, over-the-hill superstars in WWE today, Kane and Big Slow. I know that these two guys are huge huge men, but seriously why build up Wyatt in the match to look so impressive and ruthless to then be slowly manoeuvred over the ropes by these two. The problem was that this didn’t just happen to Wyatt. It happened over and over to hugely popular superstars like Ziggler, Ambrose, Mizdow and even Ryback. They completely ruined any element of surprise or tension. Why do the WWE insist on putting these two over younger talent when they can hardly move their legs anymore! 

– The whole Titus O’Neil debacle was a mess, eliminated after 4 seconds (it was actually meant to be 1 seconds to break Santino’s record of quickest elimination but the elimination was botched). He will never amount to anything more than a comedic character or a jobber now, and all because of 4 seconds of his career. 

– The WWE had a perfect opportunity to build on Miz and Mizdow’s inevitable face-off at Wrestlemania. All they needed to do was not screw Mizdow out of at least a decent performance at the Rumble to ensure that Miz would be jealous and thus kickstart their feud. And what did Mizdow get? 18 seconds. When a crowd that has been booing for the last 15 minutes finally cheers for a superstar, then don’t screw him over. No wonder the hashtag  #cancelwwenetwork was the Number 1 trend worldwide on Twitter. It was just a middle finger after middle finger to the audience. 

– When an American, Philadelphia audience chants for a Russian Heel to win, then you know that something has gone wrong. 

After all that negativity, I have to say that the Triple Threat match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship was incredible! Totally refreshing and outrageously well performed and definitely worth a watch if you have the time!

So, where do superstars go from here;

Daniel Bryan –

For the second year in a row, fans are revolting and rioting due to the fact that Daniel Bryan didn’t win the Royal Rumble. The WWE now has two choices; for the second year in a row, manoeuvre DB into the main event at WM. Or find him a good enough replacement match. However, this will be difficult as it seems as though numerous big names are already lining up against one another such as HHH vs Sting, Undertaker vs Wyatt, Cena vs Rusev and of course Lesnar vs Reigns. Perhaps the WWE could bring back either Jericho or even Shawn Micheals to ensure a match worthwhile of Bryan’s popularity. Bryan has history with both these men and a match against either of them would be an absolute technical gift to the audience. There is also a rumour going around that DB’s opponent for Wrestlemania is Sheamus, this would be an insult to fans worldwide and no-one wants this to happen for the third time.

Rollins –

There is no doubting that Rollins has the IT factor. He looked world class in the triple-threat match against two of the most dominant men in recent WWE history. That Phoenix Splash was incredible. There is one thing that makes Rollins’ journey to Wrestlemania so intriguing, the Money in the Bank briefcase. There is a possibility that Lesnar is heading back to the UFC after WM, so we could see Rollins cash in his briefcase at the Grandest Stage of them all which will cement his place as the ‘future’ of the WWE.

Rusev –

It looks like Rusev is heading for a Wrestlemania show down with John Cena, and probably a burial. He has been built up over the last year to be an unstoppable monster, and the WWE have a fantastic opportunity to create themselves a valuable Heel that can stay around for many years to come, especially with his valet Lana by his side. All Rusev has to do is avoid the almost inevitable burial at the hands of the resident superhero John Cena. Hopefully, Rusev will have a dominant win over Cena at WM to usher in a new era of Russian dominance.

Ziggler –

The workhorse and crowd favourite Dolph Ziggler. Over the last couple of days, Ziggler and Bryan have been teasing a WM match over Twitter! This would be absolutely incredible and a must-watch match between two of the best and most consistent performers in recent history. However, whether the WWE will go along this road is yet to be seen, and here’s hoping that Ziggler won’t get screwed out of a match he deserves at Wrestlemania.

Titus O’Neil –

Where will O’Neil go from here? Nowhere, sorry Titus.

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