Randy Savage to finally be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame?

Rumors are circulating, and have been all but confirmed by WWE, that The Macho Man himself, Randy Savage, is to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame after one of the most inconspicuous absences in the institutions history.

Randy Mario Poffo is one of the most iconic and popular WWE Stars of its emergent golden age in the late 80’s. A two time WWE world champion he was a constant headliner, ticket seller, merchandise shifter and the “Madness” of his fans was second only to Hulkamania.

No one is certain of the reason that WWE owner Vince McMahon refuses to talk about Randy (he’s one perhaps the only WWE Superstar McMahon will not speak of), but there has been heresay for years, some of it incredibly ugly. Up until very recently they wouldn’t even make money out of him, putting him up there with the family murdering Chris Benoit in terms of sheer taboo.

Putting this issue to rest will no doubt be a moment of closure for two of wrestling’s most notorious familie. However, if the announcement is made, how the company handles it will no doubt become the subject of much speculation and  a huge talking point among the pundits for weeks.

Find out on Raw tonight whether this is true and how it all goes down.