Mem Ferda (Interview)

Mem Ferda (Interview)

Mem Ferda is known for his compelling and intense screen presence. He is an actor who can immerse himself in any situation and adapt his persona for a wide range of characters. He talks to us about his upcoming roles and the fascinating acting journey he’s taken so far.

You’ve played many bad guys in your career. Do you relish being bad?

I am extremely fortunate to have established my acting career playing ‘bad guys’. For me it is what I love most about being an actor. To have reign to explore and push such characters to the extreme edge, something that you wouldn’t be able to do in reality, well at least it wouldn’t be advisable to do so (laughs)…. Hence, I do relish such roles, they are such a form of escapisms, however, this doesn’t mean I would not equally appreciate being the ‘good guy’.

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to be the good guy? 

No, because I have also played ‘good guys’ on many occasions. In fact my career has taken a huge turn recently and playing the hero is certainly now the direction I’m heading in. I have three feature films coming out between 2015 – 2017 and in each one I play the hero ‘good guy’.  The first of these films is Scott which is a psychological thriller, set to shoot mid 2015. It tells the story of a wildlife photographer coming to terms with the loss of his loved ones, on a remote island. Later I have Rat Catcher, a manhunt action film, followed by Gunfather which is a powerful, dark and gritty action thriller.

Can you tell us about your recent film Miss You Already?

Yes, I just wrapped on Miss You Already, which was a lovely experience. I got to do scene’s with Hollywood legend’s, Drew Barrymore and Toni Collette. We filmed in London and Yorkshire. It was surreal; dancing on the Yorkshire Moors with Drew under one arm and Toni on the other. What more could an actor ask for! To be directed by the wonderfully talented Catherine Hardwicke (Twilight) was fabulous too.

How does it feel to be getting bigger and better roles year on year?

Don’t jinx now! It’s a blessing. I do work hard, but I’ve also been extremely lucky to have the success that I have had. I appreciate my fan base, and I wouldn’t be anywhere without the support of these amazing people and my core support network of family and friends. I will strive to entertain as best I can and hope audiences enjoy my films as much as I enjoy making them.

What’s been your favorite role so far?  

I don’t have one favorite role. But roles I have enjoyed playing are; Kamel Hannah in The Devil’s Double, Hakan in Pusher, Abaci in Breakdown and Simon Flowers in My Hero.

Can you tell us about any other projects you’re currently working on?  

Other that the three features I’ll be starring in (Scott , Rat Catcher and Gunfather ), I also have three horror films which I am currently producing in the United States. These are Mania, Desolation and Kill The Pa. I’ve teamed up with Actress Jessica Cameron and Executive Producer Jonathan Scott Higgins to do this, after our fantastic success with Truth or Dare which has picked up over 35 Awards worldwide and still going strong.

What would you love your career to help you achieve? 

I’m fortunate to have been asked to be an Ambassador to a couple of Turkish Film Institution’s which is a great position to be, and to be a keynote speaker to a few Universities. This has allowed me to help others to achieve the way I have in my life. My film career has opened many doors for me, it has helped me to achieve beyond the realms of performance, to enable to help others and to further my personal development in other planes of my life.

How can fans keep updated with your work?  

Updates are often added to my Facebook Fan page : and on twitter : @memferda1    Also my website at